July 22, 2016

We caught up with Sergi, label owner and founder of Barcelona’s indie vinyl shop, Dead Moon Records. Ahead of his live set and pop-up store at the upcoming UO Live Barcelona event, we chat first records, running a record store and taking the plunge to follow your dream.

Hi Sergi – can you talk us through a day in your life at Dead Moon?

It could seem that everyday’s the same but it’s not. I also co-run a label (Cønjuntø Vacíø) and I book shows, so apart from ordering records and talking to the clients, I spend most of my time dedicated to the label and the production of our shows. And almost everyday there’s some friend stopping by to have a beer or something, that’s the best part.

What inspired you to start Dead Moon Records?

My friends from Luchador Records had to close their store because it wasn’t working and after being fired from my last job, I was pretty convinced that I didn’t want to have another office job. Having a record store had been a dream since I can remember and it was the perfect time for me. I had the experience of my friends from Luchador and I thought I could use their advice to make it work.

What was the first record you bought?

I think it was Nirvana’s “Bleach” with money I stole from my parents.

What makes running a record store in Barcelona special?

I don’t know, that it’s more difficult than anywhere else? Honestly it’s really difficult to make a living out of this here, people don’t buy records. Dead Moon Records is a pretty special store and I have some loyal clients that are very supportive of the store, but without them I would have closed already. Barcelona is nice in the summer and we have a lot of tourists coming… this helps a lot too.

How does living and working in Barcelona play into your music tastes?

There’s a really interesting music scene here, a lot of good DIY punk, hardcore and experimental electronic bands that are known all over the world. So a lot of local bands have been important in my life at some point or another.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Getting to know a lot of people, looking around and seeing lots of amazing records everyday, and showing new music to people that come to the store.

What particular genres are you most drawn to?

I grew up in the punk scene but I’ve always been pretty open minded. In recent years I’ve been more interested in experimental electronics, noise, industrial and non-western music.

What records are still on your ‘to get’ list for the store, or personally?

I think I’ve never had a Coil record in the store and they’re my favourite band so that’s definetely in my “to get” list for the store. I’d like to be even more specialized in harsher genres like the ones I mentioned before but I don’t think it would work here in Barcelona. And for my personal list… some Haus Arafna / November Növelet records and “Music To Play In The Dark” by Coil.

Which of your records have most sentimental value to you?

I still have a sealed mint copy of the Replacements “Let it be” that my girlfriend gave me as a present for my birthday some years ago. That’s pretty cool.

How would you describe the ethos of Dead Moon Records in 3 words?

Barcelona Harsh Resistance.

What is one the biggest changes you’ve noticed in music over the past 10 years?

I haven’t noticed anything relevant, I’ve been busy doing music and trying to be alive.

Words to live by?

Go and do it!

Catch Sergi at our UO LIVE event on August 11th at Urban Outfitters Barcelona