August 6, 2016

To celebrate the launch of our exclusive merchandise from the Purpose Tour, we threw a party at our Marble Arch store like the generous bunch we are. With lo fi house courtesy of Eliphino and beers via London Fields Brewery, we were dancing ‘til we dropped.

We spoke to the menswear buying team to get their thoughts on the new collection:

“As much as merchandise has always been part and parcel of any good musician’s world tours, the fashion world and merch has always felt miles apart. This is not the case anymore. Merchandise has become a brilliant tool to extend the artist’s experience from their music to the clothing in your wardrobe. This idea has been realised brilliantly by Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber’s merchandise isn’t just standard tour merch, it holds respect and relevance in the realm of fashion as well. It was therefore a no brainer for us to work together on a collection exclusive to Urban Outfitters on a global scale that has a massive appeal.

We’re extremely excited about the range dropping into stores, and I imagine we’ll be seeing a lot of people rocking a piece from the range next week!

From a collection where every piece is brilliant, it’s hard to pick a clear favourite. For me it has to be the Long Sleeve T-shirt. It’s a transitional piece as we go into autumn, and the graphics on the sleeve with the Staff logo on the front are brilliant sign offs. Plus, you can always layer it under the coach jacket which happens to be my 2nd favorite piece!”

Check out what happened at our Purpose Tour event below.

Shop the collection in-store now, and shop online from 8th August