July 29, 2016

Endless road, neon signs and Chevrolets. Our travellers from the French blog, Carnets de Traverse take you on a photo trip of their journey across Route 66.

The legendary Route 66. Desolate and unending. Motels, neon signs, old cars and diners.

We’ve come from Colarado and cross New Mexico state to take Route 66 to Gallup. Chevrolets, Buicks and old crappy motels. Our senses are overwhelmed.

But we came here to see these famous sights: the huge neon signs, rusty logos and crappy cars. They signal a glorious past, a time gone by.

In Holbrook, proud wigwams are dotted along the road. You can spend the night in one, close to the rail track. I recommend the Globetrotter Lodge for a great night’s sleep.

We are chasing the Route 66 sign painted in white on the highway. It’s difficult to spot because most of them are washed away by the sun and the cars.

Seligman, Peach Springs, Hackberry. Motorists fly past us in groups, inspiring me to throw on my own leathers.

We can’t wait to get to Joshua Tree in Palm Springs and say hello to our friends Elvis and Sinatra. Just a little detour and we come off the dusty Route 66. See you soon y’all.