August 5, 2016

Japanese outdoors brand and wander launched in 2011, the brainchild of Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori. Born from a love of nature and the ‘thrill of the mountains’ and wander is ultra-modern, technical and well-crafted. Making outdoors wear fashionable rather than fashionable outdoors wear, we caught up with them to talk design inspiration and piecing together a collection.

UO: What does a typical day at and wander look like?

and wander is a small company so there’s a lot going on. We’re often working on design, creation, production and commercial business endeavours all at the same time.

UO: Where do you look to for inspiration when designing?

We get inspiration from new materials, the season…

UO: What is and wander’s ethos in three words?

Function, fashion, being of the moment

UO: Talk us through the design process, from inspiration to development

Before designing, we collect new materials. We like to try them out in the field and get a sense of the texture and material. After this stage, when we’ve decided what we’re happy with, we start to design.

UO: How do you piece together a collection?

We like to reflect the season when piecing together a collection using seasonal colours and print motifs. We look at layering, length, volume and the overall total balance of the collection.

UO: What kind of materials and textiles do you enjoy working with?

We work with materials that stand up against the elements: against the rain and against the wind.

UO: What inspires you, personally and professionally?

The mountains and nature.

UO: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

I feel rewarded when we’ve worked on a project from the initial idea to the finished project and it finally arrives in the hand of the customer.

UO: What’s next for and Wander in 2016 and beyond?

We want to grow our audience and start trading across the world. We’re also going to present the new collection in Paris and New York.