August 3, 2016

To celebrate the launch of our exclusive merchandise from the Purpose Tour, we’re throwing a party like the generous bunch we are. Find us at Marble Arch on Friday from 6pm for some lo fi house courtesy of Eliphino and beers via London Fields Brewery.

We caught up with Eliphino ahead of the launch to chat growing up in Leeds, Prince at the o2 and soul drenched house music.

UO: What kind of music did you listen to growing up and how has that influenced your sound now?

Of my own volition and some influence from my older brother, I listened primarily to hip hop. I loved jungle and also went through a strong punk period. I hope it might have influenced my sound by keeping my sound palette eclectic and engaging.

UO: How did growing up in Leeds play a role in your interest in music?

Leeds has quite a fruitful live music scene so I was able to see a few of my heroes live. There has for some time also been an influential club scene so I had access to a range of musical cultures from a young age.

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UO: How would you say your sound and influences have changed over time?

Technically I would say my sound has matured simply as a result of spending time learning more about production. In terms of influences, I try to stay open to anything regardless of genre so that’s transforming all the time.

UO: Which artists / labels are you into right now?

Artists: Randomer, Person of Interest, Greg Beato, Fit Siegal, Rezzett, Dorisburg, Chaos in the Cbd.

Labels: ILIAN TAPE, L.I.E.S, sex tags mania, smallville, Clone Royal Oak, Giegling, Joy in Repetition.

UO: What’s the best live show you’ve ever seen?

Prince at the o2 arena residency.

UO: What is your approach to remixing tracks? How do you decide who to remix and if it’s right for you?

I decide what to remix based on if I believe I can add an original twist on the original track or how much the label has budgeted (lol not lol). My approach then is to take it back to bare bones and try to forget how the original sounded to create something new but connected.

UO: Which has been your favourite event or festival to play so far?

I always love playing at Dimensions Festival in Croatia, the curation is on point, the people are great and it’s in a wicked location. (A very old, stone military fort.)

UO: Do you have a creative process when approaching a new track? If so, can you walk us through it.

I’m afraid I don’t think I have one that I can explain. I sit down, I turn on my machines and I try to make something. Once I have a sketch with a few percussive and melodic elements, I chip away all the bits that don’t sound like the track I’m trying to make. Then if I’m lucky and my energy is flowing in the right direction with the right intention, a decent riddim manifests.

UO: What can we expect from your set at the UO store party at Marble Arch?

Some soul drenched, lo fi, high-energy house music.

More information about our Purpose World Tour launch here