August 3, 2016

On getting lost, being late and rolling with the punches. We talk to four bloggers about their first days and why it’s not all as terrible as we think.

Camilla Ackley

A lot of my first year at university in Bristol runs into a vodka hazed blur, but I remember my fresher’s week pretty clearly. I was absolutely terrified that I wouldn’t make friends or that I’d make an idiot of myself. But I did, I made a great group of mates and I live with most of them now and regularly raid the fridges of all of the friends I don’t live with. The truth is that everyone is just as scared as you are.

But I also did make an idiot of myself, many times. All the cool I had intended to put across was gone after the first night. In one week I spilled 10 drinks on 10 different people when completely sober, tripped face first over a bin in front my entire block wearing nothing but a leather skirt and a bin liner, and ended up in a Hawaiian themed club after accidentally being initiated into the aerospace engineering society (as opposed to being in Weatherspoon’s with the Philosophy society, where I was supposed to be). My point? I learned two life lessons I’ll hold close for a very long time. I learned that it’s a lot easier to make friends when you learn to laugh at yourself and roll with the punches. Secondly, jaeger bombs are not your friends.

Georgia Luisa Meramo

Without a doubt, my most memorable first day was when I started a PR/Social Media internship with an East London based fashion brand. It was my first internship and I was absolutely petrified! I didn’t know what to expect, other than an ‘Ugly Betty’ type scenario and had visions of myself sweeping the floors and making teas all day. Luckily, they were the loveliest bunch of ladies you could hope to meet and made me feel really welcome – I even had a cup of tea made for me! I was showed the ropes by the PR Manager and given an interns’ bible to go by, as well as the general tone of their social accounts and then set off with a super easy task of finding some SS inspo for their channels. It turned out to be a total dream of a day spent scouring Pinterest and scoping out cool blogging gals for potential collaborations with. I’ve wound up keeping in touch with most of the girls I met along the way, as well as learning some invaluable social media skills!

Victorio J

On my first day at university I overslept, had to quickly throw all my things into my bag in the morning and hurtle down to the overcrowded S-Bahn. Fortunately, my lectures were interesting but it’s a wonder that I got through the day!

Isabel M

A new city, new faces, and a new stage of life. My first day at university was totally chaotic – I couldn’t find the lecture hall on time, I packed the wrong books and I only survived the day because of the amount of coffee I drank. But hey, at least one good thing happened – it was the day I met my boyfriend.