August 12, 2016

Picking out hero products from Vitamin C Serum to enzyme cleansing gel and talking daily skin care routines with Mario Badescu.

UO: For someone who may not know about Mario Badescu, can you tell us how you recommend using your products in a daily routine?

Our basic six step regimen is a great starting place when you are putting together your skin care routine. First, determine your skin type and if there are any special concerns that you would like to address, then choose your products or enlist a beauty specialist to help you choose.

The six steps are: cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturizer, mask, and exfoliant. These are the backbone of your regimen, once they are in place you can add in other must-haves like Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater.

UO: What are three of your favourite products and what are they used for/which skin types do they benefit?

Drying Lotion is not only my favorite product in the line but has been our number one, best-selling product for almost five decades. Everyone, regardless of skin type, has a blemish pop up from time to time so I tell people that they should always keep a bottle on hand. I think of it as a medicine cabinet staple. You should always have aspirin, band aids, and Drying Lotion handy.

Enzyme Cleansing Gel , because everyone needs a great cleanser, and this one suits just about every skin type.

Vitamin C Serum , because Vitamin C is so essential in helping the skin renew and look bright, clear, and youthful. This serum can be used by most skin types and is a great way to supercharge your skin routine.

UO: Can you tell us a little about the design process, from first idea to finished product?

Every new project is a collaborative effort. We have a talented team of graphic designers, sales executives, creative marketing pros, our chemist, and the staff at our flagship salon in New York City that weigh in and bounce ideas off of each other. Once we have solidified a concept, we break off and each specialist works on their contribution to the project. At this point we work on everything from creating the formula and sourcing packaging, to writing copy for packaging and creating training materials for our sales team. When we have all of the components of the finished product, it is manufactured in our factory, packed up, and shipped out to our retail partners.

UO: How do you formulate your products? Can you walk us through how they are made?

We work closely with our chemist who listens to our ideas and brings them to life in our on-site lab. Once she knows what we would like to create, she will produce a number of samples that our employees will test on themselves until we have a formula that is not only beneficial to the skin but that also feels great while you are using it.

UO: What are your tips for taking care of your skin in the summer time?

There is no need to use a completely new regimen during the summer, but a few strategic changes to your routine can do a great job of keeping your skin on track. First, switch out heavy creams for lightweight formulas. Second, replace a mild toner for one that cools and keeps skin clear, Cucumber Cleansing Lotion is my recommendation for combination and oily skin types. And clay-based masks like the Cucumber Tonic Mask are great keeping skin clear and refined.

UO: What are some of your favorite products for a nighttime skincare routine?

Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater, Vitamin C Serum, and Seaweed Night Cream are all great in a nighttime routine.

UO: What is the best and worst thing about your job?

The best part is when customers tell us how the products have changed their skin. Everyone in the office loves getting messages from people who have used the line and are seeing results. The worst part is that there are so many exciting things going on all of the time—I wish I had an extra day or two added into each week.

UO: What is in the future for Mario Badescu?

The future has been a big topic of conversation at Mario Badescu headquarters lately because next year is the brand’s 50th anniversary! I think that we are all very excited to keep coming up with new ways to communicate with our customers and bring them products that they love waking up to in the morning and winding down with at night. Our goal is to evolve as the world and our customers do and at the same time to stay true to Mr. Badescu’s mission which was to help our customers achieve their very best skin.