August 15, 2016

Photography by Alina Schessler

We’re gearing up for AW 16 and that means getting ready for a new school year, loading up on stationary, planning the new year’s outfits and deciding how to decorate our student accommodation.

Best friends and students, Hannah and Marie from Cologne Ehrenfeld show us how they style their cosy apartment and share what they love most about living with a best friend.

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UO: Can you tell us a little about your stories so far? How did you meet and how long have you been friends?

Marie and I met when I moved to her school at 14.

UO: What do you both study at school?

Marie studies psychology and I study mechanical engineering.

UO: Can you talk us through your morning routines on a typical school day?

Well, when we both have to go to university on the same day we try to eat breakfast together. Breakfast is our favorite way to catch up.

We normally get fresh bread from the local bakery and the one with more time sets the table. Then we enjoy the time and can have a relaxed start to the day. When one of us has an exam we spend that time cramming in some last minute revision. We often get carried away and one of us has to run to catch the train to uni.

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UO: Tell us a bit about your living space. What is the layout and the aesthetic?

We live together in a 60 sqr meter apartment. We have two bedrooms, one bathroom and a kitchen, which is the place where we like to spend most of our time together.

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We have lived here for almost two years and we furnished the apartment together. Marie loves to decorate the apartment and made this place very homely. The apartment is in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, which is a very happening place with lots of young people. Right opposite our apartment is a club where we get free entry.

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UO: Can you share with us a bit about your neighbourhood and location – what do you like about it and how does it inform you view of the city?

As mentioned before, Cologne-Ehrenfeld has become very popular in the last few years. There are lots of bars and clubs and loads of great places to eat. We often go to the bar where Marie works to meet some of our friends. We can easily get to our favorite places by bike and all of our friends live nearby.

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