August 12, 2016

Photos by Petra Collins

The future is now. For our new + exclusive adidas campaign, we teamed up with 19 up-and-coming creative minds that are shaping our cultural landscape. Scroll on to go behind the scenes of our Fall 2016 campaign and meet the creatives who are crafting a new tomorrow.

Ebonee Davis, model, activist and writer

As one of the fastest rising names in fashion, 23-year-old model, writer, and activist Ebonee Davis is using her newly found success to champion self acceptance and to challenge outdated notions of beauty.

Read our interview with Ebonee

Alexis Jae, designer and stylist

Budding fashion entrepreneur Alexis Jae wants to do it all. We caught up with the future designer and stylist to talk about her plans, getting over her shyness, and hosting her first party in NYC.

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Jorge Wright, stylist

Also known as Gito, Jorge Wright as a multidisciplinary creative who’s helping to shape the style landscape. Whether he’s bringing an energetic, yet carefree attitude to the set as a stylist for Hypebeast, casting the next big editorial, or working on the other side of the camera, he works to take every project to the next level.

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Alexandra Marzella, artist

Brooklyn artist Alexandra Marzella confronts the ideas of self image and body positivity in the digital age through performance-based art. We chatted with Alexandra about the foundations of her practice, which began as a form of self-exploration, and how a strong idea can make an image powerful.

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Braina Laviena, model and photographer

From political campaigns in Puerto Rico to Kanye West’s much-lauded adidas runway shows, Braina Laviena has worked her way into the cultural conversation. We talked to the Los Angeles-based model about her ongoing photography projects, working with Kanye, and the importance of being hopeful.

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Miko Jasmine, musician

You heard it here first: Miko Jasmine is on the verge of making it big. With a slew of projects under her belt, the musician is courting label attention from all over, waiting for the perfect moment to release her sound to the world. Read on to find out about how her songs come to life in the studio.

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Carlotta Kohl, artist

Artist Carlotta Kohl works in the encaustic medium, an unforgiving form of painting with wax that creates works that are as beautiful to look at as they are difficult to produce. We sat down with Carlotta to talk working with wax and how to find beauty in imperfection.

Read our interview with Carlotta Read

Gabriella Bechtel and Lucas Bin, dancer and artist

Gabi Bechtel and Lucas Bin are two young artists in love, who show us that some things are only possible when you work together. Together they tell us the story of how they met and how they continue to inspire each other every day.

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Gabby Richardson, artist, curator and activist

Artist, curator, activist, and student, Gabby Richardson takes on many roles. Splitting her time between Philadelphia and New York, she curates Art Hoe Collective, a submission-based internet gallery that showcases work by queer artists of color.

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Keisuke Asano, model and photographer

Japanese model Keisuke Asano has an eye for photography and a love for all things soccer. We chatted with the up-and-coming image maker and found out about his upcoming plans for his photos and who he wants to win the Euro Cup.

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Lumia Nocito, photographer

The world has a lot to look forward to from rising photographer Lumia Nocito. Working under the guidance of her half-brother Jason Nocito and Petra Collins, her work has caught the eye of editors and curators around the world, and she hasn’t even graduated high school. Here, we talk to Lumia about find her passion and her hopes for the future.

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Michael Bailey Gates, artist

Born in Rhode Island, Michael Bailey Gates moved to New York to go to the School of Visual Arts. He now works as a photographer, an artist, and a model, creating work that reflects contemporary culture back to itself in paint and video.

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Malachai Spivey, model

Born in Brooklyn, Malachai Spivey is a creative young model who thrives on collaboration. Now based in Queens, he’s working his way up the ranks of the fashion world bringing his own unique spin to every shoot. We sat down with Malachai to talk about creativity, originality, and the future of fashion.

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Ralph Souffrant, model

With a calm and serious demeanor and an firm dedication to his craft, Haitian-born model Ralph Souffrant is making a name for himself. He was named “one-to-watch” by W magazine and walked in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 show at Madison Square Garden. We talked to Ralph about the importance of keeping family close what the future looks like (hint: it looks great).

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Simone Thompson, model

Simone Thompson is a Los Angeles-based model dead set on breaking down boundaries. With an infectious energy and unmatched sense of self reliance, she’s shaking things up. And that’s the way she likes it.

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Photo by Braina Laviena @picsfortipz

May Hong, model and illustrator

RISD-educated model May Hong passes the time by drawing anything and everything. We chatted with the Queens-based creative about exploring new mediums and inspiring young Instagram followers. Read our interview with May

Rewina Beshue, designer and artist

Rewina Beshue believes in the power of art to deliver a message. Currently enrolled in in San Francisco State University, the artist and designer talks to us about the importance of having supportive friends and how she works through bouts of procrastination to make great work with a global reach.

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Michael Lockley, model

Brooklyn-born model Michael Lockley is on his way becoming an icon. With his casual off-duty style, Lockley is making waves throughout the fashion industry, appearing on runways around the world, and popping up in candid street-style shots with the likes of Virgil Abloh and Luka Sabbat.

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