August 15, 2016

We take a peek into the daily routines of Lead Designer, Jade Walsh at one of our favourite stationary companies: Ohh Deer. The colourful interiors of Ohh Deer’s HQ have us swooning and their more than adorable office dog, Finley the sausage got us all #officegoals. We talk to Jade about letting off creative steam, putting together subscription boxes and designing SS17. Over to you, Jade…


I’m lucky enough to live quite close to work, so mornings are usually quite chilled out. I get up early, so I can take time over breakfast and a cup of tea (Yorkshire, 2 sugars)… and make sure I’ve properly woken up.

My commute is a short drive to the Leicestershire village of Sileby. When Ohh Deer HQ moves to Loughborough, it’ll mean I can walk or cycle to work which I’m really excited about, although I am writing this in August… come winter when it’s chucking it down I’ll probably change my mind!

The first thing I do when I get in is check my emails, which often includes submissions from artists and illustrators. Meanwhile, Finley the sausage (our office dog), usually does the rounds in the morning licking everyone’s feet. We love having Finley in the office; he always manages to put a smile on our faces.

One of the great things about working for Ohh Deer is that every day is a completely different. I’m lucky enough to get to work on all kinds of products from stationery, to gifts and greeting cards. Earlier in the year we launched our Papergang subscription box, I got to design May’s box which was a lot of fun.

We try to have ‘creative days’ every now and then, where the design team can let off some creative steam and get inspired. Recently we spent the day at Kew gardens, sketching and photographing lots of gorgeous flowers and cacti. We then took our sketches and photographs back to the office, and spent the day drawing and mono-printing, which is where the pattern for May’s box came from.


I cannot make lunch sound glamorous! Being based in a village, we are somewhat limited on lunch options! Cooking is one of my favourite things to do, so usually bring my own lunch which is often a big hearty salad or leftover’s from last night’s meal. If I need to buy lunch, I usually get a seriously depressing meal deal from the local shop, or there’s a butchers down the road who make a decent ham and cheese cob (that’s midlands for roll).


We generally plan our ranges a year in advance, and at the moment we’re designing Spring/Summer 2017, which is bright and richly coloured, with plenty of geometrics and bold painterly textures.

Jamie, the Creative Director (and co-founder of Ohh Deer) decides the direction of the ranges, and we’ll usually have a team meeting to share ideas, and choose colours, prints and patterns. It’s a running joke at the moment that Jamie’s favourite colour is pantone 805U (fluoro peach), as it seems to making it’s way onto a lot of our products! Aside from our own ranges, we also produce bespoke stationery for Urban Outfitters. It’s a very collaborative approach, and we work closely with the buying team at Urban developing new designs. A recent design I worked on was the Constellation print journal, which was created digitally in Photoshop using a Wacom tablet.

99% of the range is made here in the UK, and we do a lot of work with the factory testing prints and finishes.


The last Ohh Deer night out we had ended in an impromptu warehouse party… but this week’s gathering was a little more sensible! We have Film Night every couple of months, and everyone gets together for pizza and a film. Normally, we all pick a film and then take it to a vote, this time we put the poll out to social media and the people voted for Pitch Perfect. Opinion was divided over whether Jesse was a bit of a creep or they were in love with him.

Desk Styling Tips

I have to be honest, we did have a slight (ok big) tidy before we invited the cameras into our office. In any creative environment, it’s often fast-paced and demanding, which means a typical day is a bit of a whirlwind… I have also never met a tidy creative person! As a result, I kind of have to just embrace the mess, but try to stay organized the best I can.

My tips for desk styling/organization are:

1. Only have things on your desk that you use often. Keep everything else tidied away in drawers or organized in boxes on shelves. Every now and again I have a good tidy and clear out, I find a cluttered desk makes it more difficult to concentrate!

2. Dedicate a ‘messy’ area for drawing, cutting, sticking and making. Ironically, our messy table is currently tidier than my actual desk. We also have a wall where we put up inspiration and work in progress, so it means I don’t have to have any of it on my desk.

3. Give your desk a bit of personality by using notebooks you really love, and popping your pens and pencils out of the way in cute pot. Our Daily Journals tick all the boxes by being gorgeous, but functional.

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