August 16, 2016

We chat with Maya Medvesek aka Nightwave ahead of her set at our UO Glasgow 15th birthday event. From launching her own label, Heka Trax to collaborating with Madders Tiff and Ashnikko, Nightwave is a staple of the Glasgow music scene. We find out what she loves about the city, getting into Japanese juke and getting party-ready with a little help from our friend, Prosecco.

What inspires you most about Glasgow, and how do you think this impacts your music?

Glasgow parties like no other town in the world. I love the people here, how committed they are to the music and club culture. There is so much creativity here – probably because the weather sucks and there’s not much else to do…It keeps me on my toes and I feel so loved and supported in this town.

You dabble in lots of areas of the industry; singing, producing, DJ-ing; when do you feel most comfortable?

It’s all a part of the musical creative journey, exploring and finding what works. That also involves taking risks. I’m most comfortable DJing as I’ve been doing it for 18 years, but no-one ever pushed boundaries or had crazy fun by staying in their comfort zone so I try leave that on a regular basis.

What made you decide to create your club night, Nightrave?

I’ve been putting on nights since I was a teenager back in Slovenia and although it’s pretty stressful, it’s also extremely rewarding and a big buzz. With Nightrave, I wanted to recreate the old rave vibe, like the parties I used to go to back then with no fuss, a great sound system and minimal lighting. Music wise, anything from techno, footwork, rap or grime goes and I try and bring over people I love and respect. I also do a night called Bam Bam at The Rum Shack where we focus more on R’n'B, hip hop, dancehall etc.

Club nights and gigs can provide a pretty intense atmosphere. How do you prepare before a set?

I try and go through the tracks, depending on where I’m DJing. I never play the same stuff but it’s good to have a bit of prep. I have a glass of Prosecco and do my make up listening to Trina.

You have collaborated with many other artists but what qualities do you look for when working with others?

I love working with vocalists, especially women. I have mainly worked with rappers (Madders Tiff, TT The Artist, Ashnikko, Rye Rye..) but I’m looking to change that and work with some singers too. The next record has quite a few features and I always look for originality, someone edgy and creative with their writing. I’ve also got my Dad playing guitar on one of my tracks which is my favourite!

What are your go-to tracks right now?

I’m really into Japanese juke at the moment, it’s so unique! I love the Trekkie Trax crew from Tokyo, they make crazy hi tempo anime and Detroit inspired music that’s out of this world. Check out Carpainter, Seimei, Amps…

What can we expect from your set at the UO event in Glasgow?

Party booty bouncing music!

What is your starting point when creating a track/mix and what is your creative process once you’re in the studio?

My studio is ‪9/10‬‬ times my laptop, Ableton and my headphones. I usually start with the drums or the main melody and add additional elements as I go. I like to work in the 140-160bpm bracket but I also make weird ambient stuff.

You have your own label, Heka Trax; what do you look for when scouting new talent? Again, I look for originality. I love high energy music that makes you smile or want to chuck stuff in the air and dance…You won’t ever find me releasing boring vest bro house!

What can we expect from you in the near future?

More remixes, collabs and features and I’ll be announcing my next EP soon, I’m very very excited about that!