August 16, 2016

We’re gearing up for a new school year, loading up on stationary, planning the new year’s outfits and thinking about affordable yet delicious packed lunches. Find all the kawaii inspo you’ll ever need with Yum Yum Bento’s guide to the most adorable bento boxes for the new school year.

Tiger Cubs


1 – 2 tbsp ketchup
1 cup rice
2 or 3 lettuce leaves
1 piece nori
4 black sesame seeds


1. Mix ketchup into the rice until it is an even orange colour. Use your hands to for two flat, tiger-shape rice balls.

2. Line the bento box with lettuce leaves. Prop up the tigers with other foods.

3. Fold nori 3 times and cut 6 sets of triangles for the stripes. Use a punch or scissors to cut out noses, smiles, and eyes.

4. Add sesame seed eyelashes to the girl cub.

Teddy Bears

Pack these teddy buddies into a bento box with slices of teriyaki beef, tasty crab and pea eggs, or scrambled eggs. Fill the second tier of the box with fresh snacks like steamed broccoli, kiwi, cherries or sweet potato.


1 tsp soy sauce
¾ cup rice
¼ cup bonito flakes (optional)
3 lettuce leaves
1 slice white cheese
1 piece nori


1. Mix soy sauce with rice until evenly coloured. Shape rice into two bear shapes with your hands or a mold.

2. Roll bears in bonito flakes. Line the bento box with lettuce leaves and arrange bears on top.

3. Cut two large ovals out of cheese for their muzzels. Use a pinched straw to punch two small ovals out of the cheese scraps; cut in half to make ears. Add to bears, and then add eyes, noses and mouths.

4. Use a hole punch to cut six circles out of nori for eyes and noses. Use four nori-punch smiles to make the mouths. Keep all your tiny nori pieces safe in a snack-size zip-top plastic bag.

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