September 2, 2016

Like it or not, autumn is fast approaching. Now is the time to invest in your new season outerwear staple and assess the new trends for AW 16.

One of our favourite new season picks has to be the parka, a wardrobe essential for chilly mornings and breezy afternoons. A versatile piece, the parka works for any scenario. Whether you chuck it on over your basic jeans and tee combo or wear styled over a shirt, it’s a failsafe for your AW capsule.


Originally created by the Inuit people as a way to protect themselves from icy polar weather, parkas were first worn by women and included a little baby pouch for children.

Fast forward to the 50s and the parka was adopted by the US military. Typically in khaki green with a fur-lined hood, the parka was a simple and practical item suited to military activities.

Queue the 70s and the mods were championing the parka in a major way. The perfect companion to scooter riding, its weatherproof qualities made it a staple for any mod.


It’s important to clean your parka once or twice a season. Here are our top tips on how to keep your parka looking on point all winter long.

• Always wash your parka turned inside out to protect any waterproof coating and the colour
• Wash on the cold cycle of your washing machine
• Don’t air dry your parka or the feathers will clump and take too long to dry, resulting in a pretty nasty smell
• Instead, throw your parka in a dryer with a few tennis balls and dry on a low heat. The tennis balls will redistribute the feathers evenly