September 2, 2016

Image Credit: New Darlings

We’re diving into the world of textures, details, colours and patterns. Whether you’re trying to create space in a small dorm room, inject some colour into a vanilla room or simply have a craving to change up your space for the new school term, we have some simple tips and tricks to help you on your way.


Add dimension to your space with mirrors. If you live in a small student dorm or you got the short straw and ended up with the smallest room in your flat-share, adorn your walls with mirrors to create space and reflect light.

Image Credit: happyinteriorblog

Wall Grids

That innocent little stack of books on your desk will grow and grow until you have a sprawling mass of papers, clippings, pens, photos and books littered across your desk. You know it. So get your hands on a wire grid to pin up the important bits and add some hanging plants for colour.

Image Credit: Alina Schessler

Light Boxes

Nothing brightens up a blank wall like a light box. Don’t underestimate the power of a motivational or whimsical message to cheer up your day!


Inject some life into your space with an array of little green friends. Hang them from the ceilings in macramé planters or house them in ceramic pots to line along your windowsill.

Image Credit: New Darlings

Coffee Table Mags

Start your collection of coffee table mags right now. Nothing screams adult like a pile of hardback fashion or art volumes. Not only that but you can create little stacks on side tables and in various corners to draw interest and add colour.