September 16, 2016

As the long summer days turn cooler and the leaves turn orange, we speak to Christopher Winkler about cosying up your space for the onset of autumn. From stocking up on cosy blankets and candles to draping your space with twinkling fairy lights, we’re a tiny bit excited for the colder months ahead.

UO: What is your favourite thing about your space?

My favourite thing about my space is definitely the shelf you can see over my bed. It’s always decorated according to the season; at the moment I´m about to change it from summer to autumn. I love this soy candle which has such an autumnal smell – I´m already getting exited for big coats, cosy sweaters and rainy days! I might even add some fairy lights to the space.

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UO: Describe your ideal morning

For me, the ideal morning starts at about 9-10 a.m. I go to the kitchen and make some breakfast and a hot drink, go back to bed and either turn on the TV to watch the shows I love the most or read a book. While I´m watching, I eat and also like to scroll through Instagram to get inspiration and to see what everybody is up to. When there is a lot to do I get my To Do list and write down all the stuff that needs to be done for the day. A picture of my breakfast which I usually upload 1-2 hours later will be part of my morning as well! I love rainy autumn days when sometimes the sun peeks out.

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UO: How do you take your morning coffee?

I don’t usually drink coffee in the morning, I´m more of a tea kind of person. I love a great fruit tea without sugar but with a little bit of honey.

UO: What is your favourite breakfast?

It varies a lot. Sometimes I make myself a smoothie bowl, porridge, get some croissants or at the moment I’m loving greek yoghurt. I top the greek yoghurt with nuts, bananas, grapes and a teaspoon of honey. For the smoothie bowls, porridge and pancakes I always use bananas or apples and seasonal fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

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UO: Does your minimalistic aesthetic reflect your lifestyle?

It kind of does, but I´m working on it! I try to be a tidy and organised person but sometimes it just doesn´t work that way! I can be pretty messy too. But when it comes to my flatlays I´m a real perfectionist. I´m always moving the props I use and reorganising everything.

UO: What is your top tip to making the most of your space?

Sometimes less is more! Try not to overpack every corner of your room, but in some cases I love organised chaos. Try to keep your eyes on details, they can do so much for the overall mood and aesthetic of your room.

UO: What is the one bedroom accessory that you couldn’t live without?

A lot of pictures! I love to hang up my favourite moments to always be reminded how many perfect days I have experienced. I definitely enjoy looking through them from time to time to remind myself of those good times. Mine are over my bed and sometimes they even find their way into my flatlays.

UO: What is the key to making your room cosy during the winter months?

Fairy lights are a must. They are my number one when the colder days are drawing in. A lot of blankets, pillows and some candles also work a treat.

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UO: Where is your go-to place for a breakfast or coffee on the go?

Here in Bremen I have not found THAT place yet, but I´m pretty sure that there are some good ones just around the corner. My favourite cafe´ is located in Hamburg called „Erste Liebe Bar“ and it´s always a pleasure to get my coffee and a quick or not-so-quick breakfast there. Another good one is called „The coffee shop“ which is really near the famous Jungfernstieg.

UO: How do you organise and maintain the aesthetic of your space when busy?

By writing To Do lists I feel a lot more confident when I have a busy week ahead. I always know what I have to do and can plan my day in advance. One or even half an hour in the evening can help wonders if you couldn’t cross off every point on your list. In that time, mostly before I go to sleep, I clean my room and pack all the items I need for the following day. If your week has been way too busy, make sure you have some free time on the weekend to get it done.