September 20, 2016

Ben Coyle-Larner aka Loyle Carner, is just 21-years-old but has been rapping, writing and freestyling since the age of 10. His debut EP, ‘A Little Late’ was released in 2015 and is a gritty, honest glimpse into his life. His sensitive and thoughtful lyrics are undoubtedly inspired by family and friends. We visit the UK hip-hop artist at his home in South London to talk touring with Joey Bada$$ and growing up in a musical family.

UO: What was it about grime that got you interested at such a young age?

The UK accent and the speed suited my brain.

UO: Both of your parents were musical – could you tell us a little about how growing up in a musical household influenced your own sound and tastes?

It meant that I never got complacent with one artist or genre of music. Styles merged and lines were blurred.

UO: Who is currently your biggest musical inspiration?

My Dad.

UO: You released your EP A Little Late in 2014, what can we expect from your upcoming debut?

Hopefully along the same lines as the first tape, just a little more grown up.

UO: How have you seen yourself progress as an artist since you released A Little Late?

I think I’ve found more patience.

UO: Your EP is extremely honest and personal; how difficult is it to open up through your lyrics? Or is it something that comes naturally to you?

It’s the only way I know how to write. So for me, it’s pretty easy.

UO: How would you describe your sound in three words?

Have a listen!

UO: Your toured with Joey Bada$$ in 2014; what was the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt whilst on the road?

Stay humble

UO: What is your creative process like? Can you talk us through from initial idea to finished product?

It changes every time, but roughly, I’ll have an idea running around my head for a few days, then once i’ve found the opening few lines I’ll finally sit down and begin to write. Some tunes take me ten minutes, others take ten weeks.

UO: What artists (grime or not) are you listening to right now?

Manik MC
Benny Mails

UO: Words to live by?

Keep going