September 26, 2016

Do storage right with our top solutions for making the most of a small space.

Tip #1: Sort the small stuff

Get desk supplies and all your odds and ends in order. These little things add up when you realize there’s a pile of junk staring at you that has no home. We love stackable desk trayslike this for housing everything from pens to batteries to loose film or matchbooks.

Other favourites:

• Bamboo tabletop organizer
• Cork desk organizer
• Good Thing mini storage container
• Wooden tray containers

Tip #2: Store over and under

As in over the doors, under your bed. We suggest:

• Minimal hook
• Over the door hook
• Clear looker storage boxes
• Rolling wood boxes

Tip #3: Wrap your wires

Is it just us or are there cords / wires / plugs EVERYWHERE?! From our phone charger to our headphones to the random plugs that hook up our printers, scanners, computers … cords rule our lives and they don’t look cute. So organise them! An easy hack here is just to use a binder clip to separate em, or try one of these more attractive options:

• PixiCord organizer set
• Leather cord keepers

Tip #4: Flip it upside down

Turn a storage crate upside down and boom: it’s a shelf and a bedside table or stool in one. Think about the ways that altering the function of an item can give it new use.

Tip #5: If there’s no drawer, add one

Small dorms or apartments are often storage wastelands, without many drawers or built-ins for storing your stuff…in which case we’ve got you covered. Add your own under-desk drawer for those times when the best solution is just to stash it away.

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