October 3, 2016

German adventurer and explorer, Frauke Hagen heads into the Swiss Alps to camp under the stars, hike through the winding roads and admire the pink-tinged sunsets this autumn. Over to you, Frauke…

If you are looking for a place with endless roads winding through mountains so high their peeks are covered in fluffy withe clouds and crystal clear lakes, the Swiss Alps might be the place your heart desires.

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We entered the south of Switzerland on a moody Monday morning and were headed north. The car packed with good friends, good music and good vibes.

One of the best things about the Alps is that it doesn’t really matter where you go, as long as you are not easily bothered by a little hike, you will be rewarded with great views, nature and a place that just feels like home.

Native to the baltic sea where the weather happened to be extraordinarily sunny and warm the last couple weeks, I was kind of surprised when the temperatures at night went down to four degrees. Sleeping in a tent with temperatures that low was (let’s just say) interesting – but nothing a warm beanie, dreams about hot chocolate by the campfire and someone to cuddle and share the warmth with couldn’t fix.

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If you wake up at 6am, open your tent that is wet with dew and are rewarded with the first sun rays kissing the peaks of the mountains, while you can see how your own breath escapes your mouth forming little clouds in the crisp morning air tasting like fall – that is truly magical.

I’ve always been a sucker for sunsets and sunrises, but seeing them in such a wild surrounding made me appreciate and love their beauty even more.

On the way down of one hike we made some new friends that would start to get very attached to you if you gave them a good scratch between their horns. Those sheep seemed to be quite pleased with themselves and for a second I caught myself thinking about just quitting this life and becoming a shepherd.

After being on the road for two weeks I realized it is true what they say: to travel is to live.