October 27, 2016

Going behind the scenes at Luna Norte HQ in California to talk about mixing and matching styles, the charm of the Californian landscape and visiting world famous gemstone shows.

UO: For anyone who has never been to California before, can you give a few reasons why you’ve chosen to be based there?

California is a special place for us both, it’s so incredibly diverse, especially here in San Diego. It truly is a melting pot – people come from all over, bringing their own unique touch to our city. One of the things we both find so fascinating about Southern California is how the landscape changes so drastically here. You can spend the morning on the beach soaking up the sun, and spend the evening camping in the desert surrounded by cacti beneath a sea of stars.

UO: How does the Californian lifestyle influence both your design process and your products?

The California lifestyle takes many forms. It’s casual, it’s gypsy, it’s romantic, it’s free spirited … We pull our inspiration from the things we know and love about California – from the arid desert winds of Joshua Tree, the sun soaked hills of the central coast, to where the warm sand meets the Pacific. Luna Norte jewelry embraces it all.

UO: Your brand message is about having a connection to your jewellery, does this ethos come from a personal experience?

It’s hard not to have a personal connection to something that you first created in your studio, and watched the evolution from concept to seeing it in stores. It’s a feeling we will always cherish, it’s almost surreal. We feel really lucky to be able to create every day, and to work with such great people here at Luna Norte. We all bring something different to the company and it’s an honour to be able to share this experience with our entire team.

UO: For someone who is looking to invest in a piece of jewellery, what would you recommend from your current collection?

Rosemary: I absolutely adore the delicate lariat layering necklace set. I love when brands offer you versatile pieces which you can style differently every day. Each necklace from this set looks great on their own or layered together. You can also layer with pieces from your own archive, I’ve been layering with our newest leather chokers.

Jessica: My favorite is the velvet choker and stone necklace set. Perfect to wear with a T-shirt & jeans, or with a cute dress. It reminds me of something I wore when I was younger, plus labradorite is my favorite stone.

UO: What are your tips for styling/matching pieces?

There are no rules! Luna Norte is perfect for mixing and matching. We love layering our necklaces & mixing metals. Luna Norte is so versatile, you can even mix and match it with pieces from other lines. Rules were meant to be broken . Whether your style is eclectic, bohemian, modern or minimalist, our jewelry allows you to create a story with every outfit. Your story.

UO: What is the creative process like within the Luna Norte team?

Each season we combine an array of elements to create something visually fresh. Our jewelry is an adventure. It is infused with nature, the aesthetics of our surroundings, and the stones that catch our eyes when we search through the familiar for the foreign. We work together in creating a cohesive collection which encompasses both of our design and fashion aesthetics. This collection in particular was all about versatility. We feel it’s just as important for our client to be inspired while wearing it as we are designing it. We try not to be ruled by limitations.

UO: Describe the brand aesthetic in three words

Mix and match!

UO: You use some beautiful stones in some of your pieces; how do you go about sourcing these?

We travel to trade shows all over the United States. Our favorite show happens once a year in Tucson, Arizona. It’s the largest gem and jewelry show in the world! Here we find amazing gems, everything from meteorites to diamonds. Plus we love spending time in the desert to watch the famous sunsets.

UO: What is the reasoning behind the name Luna Norte?

We chose a name that symbolized a new cycle in our lives, creating this brand was a spiritually satisfying movement for us as artists. We both have an interest in astronomy, and living so close to Mexico, the Spanish language is very prevalent here in Southern California. These were both things we really wanted to incorporate in our name, Luna Norte, meaning North Moon.

Astrologers use the lunar nodes to determine where your destiny lies. The North Moon Node is one of the points at which the moon’s orbit intersects the earth’s orbit, representing the challenges or obstacles we face to become whole in this lifetime. It’s the symbol for the future – the new cycle to which we look forward to.

UO: What can we expect to see from Luna Norte in the future?

Our style is constantly changing and evolving, but some things will stay the same, we will always love working with genuine stones. Our upcoming collections will focus more on obscure and rare stones. We also love mixing metal finishes and textures, so we’re looking forward to exploring new elements in our designs.

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