October 17, 2016

Summer is officially over and ‘the year’s last loveliest smile’ is just around the corner.

So get prepared to stroll through the bright yellow forests, wrapping up in your favorite oversized sweater, early sunsets and drinking hot tea outside. And let’s not forget about the one thing we all love: Pumpkins. If you’re down for a very yummy -and very easy – pumpkin soup recipe, stay tuned.

Homemade Pumpkin Soup with ginger, carrots and orange juice.

What you’ll need: (4+ people)

- 500g diced pumpkin (I used hokkaido)
- 400g carrots (peeled)
- 1 white onion
- 3cm ginger
- 1 tbsp butter
- 0,6 l vegetable broth
- 250ml coconut milk
- a big sip of orange juice (you could also squeeze an orange)
- salt and pepper, soy sauce, rosemary, creme fraîche

How to:

Peel and dice the carrots, pumpkin(don’t throw away the seeds, you can roast them for a delicious treat), onion and ginger, fry them with butter in a big pot, starting with onion and ginger.

Pour in the broth, let everything cook for about 20mins until its all soft. Puree very fine (you can use a sieve as well if you want it really fine). Stir in the coconut milk and some orange juice, season with salt, pepper and soy sauce. Serve with roasted pumpkin seeds, a tablespoon of creme fraîche and rosemary leaves as garnish.

Enjoy your homemade soup – tastes best after a walk through the forest.