October 17, 2016

Image Credits: Retro Futurism

We hit the streets in Berlin with the girls from Retro Futurism Blog to see what styles the city can’t get enough of right now. From the brightly coloured Jakke fake fur jackets to textured fleeces and graphic tees, check out the best of UO in Berlin below…


Shop: Jakke Pink Faux Fur Jacket

Fredrik and David

Shop: Levi’s Type 3 Corduroy Sherpa Jacket

Jessy Quednap

Shop: Taupe Suede and Brog Zip Coat

Lenny Muller

Sonia Frence

Isobel and Olivia

Anouschka Marlene

Shop: Jakke Tammy Polka Dot Faux Fur Jacket

Leni Paperboats

Thommy Momsen