October 21, 2016

Taking a look at the creative processes of Atelierwanc

What were your initial intentions for opening a design studio?

We have been working together for 12 years now without a structure or “studio”. Calling it an Atelier is a way of branding our work and defining it in a more concrete way. We are mixing our respective areas of expertise to create a multidisciplinary platform of expression through which we can challenge each other and grow.

What is your creative process like?

It begins with an image or concept we want to focus on. We talk about it until our ideas overlap somehow, then we know we are on the same page. We stay very spontaneous and open in all steps, from the discussion to the physical creation of the pieces. We treat each project this way, whether it becomes an industrial object or a piece for a gallery.

Who would you say are your biggest art and design inspirations?

The inspiration comes from a variety of forms, details, materials and colours. It’s not about a certain artist or designer. These elements go through a transformation process that is very intuitive. Sometimes we are directly inspired by a concept, sometimes it is purely formal and a reaction to the materials we have to work with.

You work with a range of materials; which do you find most challenging/gratifying?

The materials are always changing, we always try to work with things we don’t know, so in a sense it is always challenging because you learn in the process. Gratification comes with the sense of accomplishment you get when you finally understand and master a new material; it takes the whole project to a new level.

When you’re working, what is the atmosphere like in the studio?

It can be really intense, a lot of concentration and repetition, much like a band practicing their music. But we laugh a lot too; we have a good time.

Are there any young artists or designers that are on your radar?

Most are our friends. We are drawn to what they do and it feels like we are part of something together, like a big team or a movement.

What are the main ideas/concepts that you want your designs to get across?

We don’t want the viewers to get lost. We want them to react and be touched by what they see, even if everything is not always super obvious. We want to show our fantasy and our dreamed version of each topic we breach.

What is the best piece of art-related advice you have ever received?

“Do not be scattered,” but it’s difficult…

What can we expect to see from Atelier Wanc in the upcoming months?

We are working on several projects. We are creating objects for fashion shoots, preparing a new exhibition and putting the finishing touches on a ceramic lamp!