October 28, 2016

Talking about the growing music scene in Copenhagen with Chapeau ahead of his set for UO Copenhagen’s 10th birthday party.

UO: What was the first record that got you interested in music?

It’s quite difficult to mention one specific album. But as a young kid I was a big sucker for hip hop artists like Jurassic 5, De La Soul, Mobb Deep, Dr. Dre. Quality Control with Jurassic 5 was probably my favourite album.

UO: When did you decide to pursue music as a career?

I never wanted to be a full time musician or DJ. I got too many different interests and things I want to try, so for me it’s impossible doing only one thing like music. But I started playing the piano at the age of 12 and then later started dj’ing and producing when I was around 18-19.

UO: Where are your favourite places to hang out in Copenhagen?

At the moment my favourite place/club in Copenhagen is Jolene. I really like the atmosphere with a very open minded and multicultural crowd. And then of course they got a great music profile with concepts/club nights like Manna and Fyraftensboogie. I also have to mention a place like Palmspree at Stefansgade. The owner Anthon P. Nymark makes lots of inspiring events to share and show some of the very talented underground producers and vinyl collectors from Copenhagen and Denmark.

UO: How do you get in the zone before an event?

Not that im proud of it but I smoke a lot of cigarettes while I’m listening to some of my favourite mixtapes on Soundcloud and dancing around in my apartment. But I also like to be in good time at the venue where I have to play just to feel the vibes and mood of the people and supporting the other djs playing.

UO: Who are you biggest musical inspirations?

Floating Points. He is just a genius!

UO: What is the music scene in Copenhagen like?

I’m really impressed and proud by the music scene and all the talent coming out every year in Copenhagen. The Danish people can still be quite conservative when it comes to going out and listening to new music that they don’t know. But I got a good feeling that we are moving in a more open minded and curious direction (except from P3 radio). But we are still years behind places like London, Berlin and Los Angeles. I’m a huge fan of the danish producer Sekuoia. He’s a very talented but humle guy who managed to find a really great balance between dreamy soundscapes and clubmusic. It’s not very often that music both works for chilling and clubbing but Sekuoia does. He just released a new album and started his tour so please do yourself a favour and go see him playing live with his band!

UO: Apart from other music, what inspires your work?

Actually the opposite. Quietness. I really appreciate going home to Jutland where I grew up in the countryside. In Copenhagen there is always noise from people, cars etc. but in Jutland there are so many places with absolute stillness and nothing going on. At these places I always get most of my ideas and inspiration because the quietness makes me calm without any distractions.

UO: What are you currently listening to?

Floating Points, Four Tet, Sekuoia, Sepalcure, NxWorries, Mo Kolours Ben Hayes, Al Dobson Jr.

UO: Describe your set for UO Copenhagen in three words.

Groovy. Versatile. Movable.

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