October 31, 2016

Dutch blogger, Naomi Van Kleef shows us her perfect Amsterdam moments: from sipping coffee in her favourite cafes, to cycling the winding streets of the city…

UO: Are you an early riser or do you hit the snooze button?

It depends! During the weekends I usually wake up quite early, without setting an alarm, but during weekdays, when I have to be on time for school, the snooze button is my favourite friend. A couple of years ago my sleep pattern was different, it was so easy for me to rise. I guess with a teenage spirit comes the teenage life: hitting the snooze button!

UO: What is the one thing that will always get you up in the morning?

Getting a good cup of coffee with a friend, orange juice and banana pancakes. Enough said :)

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UO: What is your go-to school day breakfast?

A cup of either green chai tea, or jasmine tea paired with a bowl of vegan overnight oats. Sometimes I prefer a juice over tea, and a bowl of muesli instead of the overnights oats. When I’m in a hurry, and I barely make it in time for school, I will grab an apple!

UO: How easy is it for you to choose an outfit in the morning?

During autumn time? I love dressing up and find it not too difficult. Nothing beats wrapping up in a thick scarf, the classic black turtleneck, a classy trench coat and braving the outdoors!

UO: Amsterdam is extremely pretty; what is your journey to school like?

I have the privilege of living in the center and having my school close to home. I’m surrounded by beautiful canals, cute cafes, flower shops and markets and especially in the autumn, when the leaves turn dark brown, gold, red and orange, Amsterdam is at its prettiest. I love the crispy misty mornings, when I try to leave a bit earlier, feeling a chilly breeze on my cheeks. Wrapping my head in my scarf, fill the air with clouds of my breath and slowly ride to school, maybe taking a picture on the way.

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UO: What are the essential items that you always have in your school bag?

I always bring a good book for when I have time to read (currently loving White Oleander and the Virgin Suicides), since it’s a good thing to fill up those extra hours (or minutes), instead of spending time on my phone scrolling through Instagram. I used to read one book a month, now I sometimes read one or two a week! And definitely my lipbalm, planner, a notebook (for blog ideas, lists and thoughts!) and a pencil.

UO: Where is your favourite place to study in the city?

Probably the enormous public library, which is near to Central station and has a beautiful view over Amsterdam. It’s quiet, there are no distractions (apart from my phone, but the trick is to turn it off!) and the workflow is amazing. I love working in some of the many cafes I almost call home too. Toki for instance, is my go-to for coffee, but Pllek and Noorderlicht in the north of Amsterdam are amazing places to spend the whole day reading and studying.

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UO: What is the best thing about heading back to school in the autumn?

As I mentioned before, the crispy misty mornings are an absolute favourite, but outfit-wise, autumn is definitely the best season. Thick cozy sweaters, denim miniskirts, the classic black turtleneck, a (red) beret, funky oversized t-shirts, cool boots, big sunglasses, thin scarfs. Getting coffee and hot chocolate and watching lots of episodes of my favourite series, without feeling guilty.

UO: What do you do with friends in the evening that takes your mind off school?

I mostly like to go out for a drink, chat a bit, listen to some fresh tunes and tell each other stories. I plan on going to the movies this month, an old adorable cinema in Amsterdam, and go see a movie on my own for the first time ever.

UO: What is one thing that you always buy at the beginning of the academic year?

I have a thing for notebooks. It’s too crazy actually, my shelves are stacked with blank notebooks and I keep buying new ones. New designs, new patterns, blank pages. They say that it’s a blogger thing, and I can’t agree more.

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UO: Do you have any tips to staying organised and motivated through the winter months?

Don’t be afraid to relax once in a while, let everything go. The colder times, especially the transition from summer to autumn can be a bummer. Going for a walk every now and then, treat yourself to some carrot cake at that cute cafe next door. I have this ritual where I clean my messy room every Sunday. Keeping my room organised helps me from getting distracted and my mind from getting too crowded. It’s nice to throw stuff away and detox both your mind & room!

Music credit: Brothertiger X Rose Quartz – Pleasure & Pain

Image Credits: Demi Koen