November 4, 2016

We met up with Tief Music resident DJ Hesseltime to talk about his career highlights and favourite places to perform…

UO: When did you first decide to pursue music as a career?

I sort of fell into it, from meeting people and naturally being drawn to music and the culture surrounding it. Collecting music for as long as I can remember on different mediums, I became obsessed with certain artists, labels and sounds.

UO: Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Overall someone like Jim Morrison or Fela Kuti.

In the ‘DJ’ world, Theo Parrish is right up there and always has been, I used to see him every time he played Plastic People, each time was a true lesson. By the same token, Mr Scruff is also an inspiration, he plays across all genres, almost anything and he does it so, so well!

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UO: How do you get into the zone before a performance?

I mean, Djing isn’t like performing a proper concert or anything similar, so it’s more of a case of getting to a venue early before you start to really get into the right mood and become comfortable in the atmosphere. I see people turning up 2 mins before and beginning their sets, how do they know what has been played already, what has already happened? It’s strange!

UO: Where has been your favourite place to perform so far?

I think Barbarellas in Tisno is up there, I have been lucky enough to play there a few times now. It’s an outdoor club with amazing sound, playing as the sun comes up is a lot of fun.

UO: What new releases/ up-and-coming artists are you excited about right now?

I’m releasing some music from a good friend of mine from New Zealand called Jon Sable. He grew up with Chaos in the CBD and is making music with a lot of soul. The next JS release I have has been remixed by Chaos and it’s beautiful.

DJ Slyngshot is another, check his ‘Yappin’ releases, they are amazing!

UO: What would be your top tips for anyone wanting to create a great playlist/ mixtape?

Really just pick music that you love and best represents you and what you do.

A great mix tells a story, so something that comes naturally too is what you should aim for. Whenever I have made mixes or prepared for radio shows, I have always collected a good amount of music at the same time, so it has a common mood. Choosing the order on the fly means that, provided done well, should flow nicely and ‘paint that picture’ so to speak.

UO: How have you seen your abilities progress over the past few years?

I have seen them regress! haha. I swear I used to be better technically. Although now-a-days I focus much less on the mixing itself and more on the music choices.. Over time I have played more and more ‘non-electronic’ music, afro, disco, new wave etc and a lot of that is next to impossible to actually mix, so I don’t. I love a rough, live mix and a little clang here or there just shows you are doing it properly anyway.

UO: What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt about being a DJ?

To be bold and play things that you might not have heard in a club before. Just because it isn’t electronic doesn’t mean it won’t work in a club. If it makes you dance at home, then why shouldn’t it make people dance on a dance floor?

UO: What exciting future projects/ plans can you tell us about?

As a promotor, I’m working on some bigger, more ‘live music’ shows, and at the same time working with some bigger artists in some smaller clubs. I’m excited about both but unfortunately can’t really talk too much about either right now.

Label-wise, I have some really exciting releases on the way, but again, can not mention just yet! Sorry!