November 14, 2016

Bondax are an electronic duo whose music is suited to both long summer nights and 3am on the dance floor. Melodic and laid back, Adam Kaye and George Townsend specialise in lush synths, melodic beats and R&B twangs. Set to play Rise Festival this December in Les Deux Alpes, we caught up with them about working hard to defy expectations, hearing their music through the speakers at the FA cup final and what qualities draw them to collaborate.

Tell us about your background in music. Was it always the plan to make music a career?

We both grew up keen to express ourselves in some form & music was the form we settled with most naturally. Adam spent most his childhood in bands and I started producing from an early age. There was never a plan, but when the option to pursue this seriously became feasible, it was the only route we were going to take.

Tell us about your creative process; what is the dynamic like between you in the studio?

We’ve been working across several different studios over the last year so the creative process changes depending on the work space. For the most part however the flow tends to involve us finding a groove, building the chord progression then working with the outboard gear in our studio to realise the sonic impression we’re attempting create.

What would you pin as a defining moment in your Bondax career to date; your biggest holy shit moment?

Eating a full English then hearing our tune blare through the speakers in the stadium while watching the FA cup final.

What is the best piece of advice another musician has given you?

All pressure is created internally. Make what matters to you.

It’s always easy to end up pigeonholed in music – is that something you’ve struggled with? If so, how do you combat this?

It’s true, we’ve learnt over the years that people love to categorise music. However, we’re not working in a space where this affects our expression. We’re excited for people to hear our next productions, we’ve been working hard to defy expectations and create new sounds.

You recently released a collaboration with Eric Hassle – ‘Love Me Blind’. What draws you to working with certain artists and what do you gain from each new collaboration?

Obviously their voice is important but their own taste and writing skills are a large part of what distinguishes which artist appeals to us. With Erik it was very natural, we knew immediately from hearing his writing he was incredibly talented. After arranging to meet and working together we got on very well on a personal level. Since then we’ve worked with him on quite a few different tracks, he’s a top man.

What is your favourite thing about playing festivals? Do you have any festival aspirations – stages to play that are on your bucket list?

We both love festivals, especially if a festival has a good lineup then the best thing about it for us is seeing new music with your friends.

Where in Europe have you experienced the best reaction from an audience?

Probably somewhere in France, we’ve had many good shows all over Europe but we always say that the French understand the Funk. We were inspired very early on by French house and it comes through in our DJ sets so obviously it’s always received well in France!

How do you think your music has progressed over the course of your career and where do you see yourselves headed next?

From the start to where we are now, a lot has changed within the music we make. We’ve evolved from producing on GarageBand when we were 15, to trying to combine real instruments with modern synthesis and production.

Using three words, describe what we can expect from your Rise Festival set.

Audio, Music, Sound.


The most memorable show I’ve ever played…

Playing in Seoul on George’s 21st was a very memorable show, the fans brought a cake and some flowers! It ended with us and some friends in a hot tub in a very baller hotel room

My favourite piece of kit is…

Our prophet 5

I’m currently listening to…

NxWorries – Yes Lawd!
Khadja Bonet – The Visitor
Oddisee – Alwasta

My three essential Rise Festival packing items…


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