November 11, 2016

The days are short and the nights long; winter has arrived in a bout of brisk winter winds and frosty mornings. As it creeps towards December, we’re starting to think about our Christmas wish lists, cosying up in oversized jumpers and hibernating at home. We spoke with German blogger and crafty lady, Tina Sosna to find out her favourite things about this time of year: from burning scented candles to baking delicious cookies.

UO: When do you start getting in the Christmas mood?

It usually starts in the beginning of October when everything becomes more cozy. It gets darker earlier and burning candles and baking is much more fun now.

UO: What is your favourite Christmas treat to make and/or eat?

I love to make apples in the oven with a lot of cinnamon and to bake christmas cookies with nuts from the garden.

UO: Do you have any tips for easy homemade decorations?

I think the easiest way to decorate your home is adding nice plants and combining them with pieces of wood. The same goes for the christmas time. You can make little wreaths and garlands out of branches and wild berries our cut some nice shapes out of copper shiny paper you can make a garland from.

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UO: How do you dress your Christmas dinner table?

I think also with natural materials like plants and wood. For example wooden coasters and mistletoe twigs as well as pinetree branches in the middle and many candles in different ceramic candle holders I collected over the year.

UO: Do you have any wacky festive traditions?

Not really. The only thing I do in the beginning of December is saving a free day just for baking all kinds of christmas cookies. From morning to night. Turning on some old and new christmas tunes and pack some of the cookies into little bags, because they also make nice little gifts for your beloved ones.

UO: What are your tips for perfectly wrapping a gift?

By making your own wrapping paper you can be sure it will be something special for the one that recieves the gift. You can print it with your own illustrations, sprinkle paint, make your own rubber stamps… there are so many options to wrap your gift perfectly!

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UO: Which of your Christmas tree decorations is your favourite?

I once bought geometric objects in copper and I think the are my favorites beside the little knitted bird a friend made for me.

UO: What are your favourite things to do on a cosy winter weekend?

Waking up a little later, baking a bread, having a long long breakfast with lots of tea and fruits, doing some crafts, writing a letter, painting and having a little walk with my loved one. Doing a winter picnic in the forest in cozy clothes and taking a bath when we come home. Cooking a nice dinner and watching many movies while a lot of candles and fairy lights are burning!

UO: Do you have any last-minute gift ideas?

Homemade chocolate, nuts, spice mixes or jam treats are always a nice little gift you can put together really fast. As well as a mix CD, A little book full of memories that you share with the one that recieves the gift.

UO: What’s the one thing that’s always on your Christmas list?

Listening to christmas songs and watching christmas movies as well as spending time with the ones you love and visiting christmas markets and eat a lot of sweet things.

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