November 14, 2016

From the loud, neon lights of Tokyo’s city centre to the tranquil stillness of open fields and blustery hillsides, Japan is a country with diverse and vibrant landscapes. We follow the journey of London-based photographer, Rosaline Shahnavaz on her trip through Japan. Over to you, Rosaline…

The journey through Japan began with Tokyo. I have never been so overwhelmed by sound, taste, smell, and colours until I saw Tokyo. I found myself ‘lost in translation’ at first, but the warmth of a flawless and welcoming culture quickly transitioned the colossal city into what felt like home.

We moved around Japan, from the bustle of Tokyo and Osaka to the serenity of Kyoto and Nara’s painterly streets. The bullet train took us as far as Jigokudani where we swam in hot springs with Nagano’s blinking skyline as the backdrop.

Our final stop was Mount Fuji. There are few words to describe the expansive and mesmerising stillness of the landscape. We spent some hours camped on the lakes in silent wonderment as the clouds passed us by; the perfect end to our Japan adventure…

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