December 13, 2016

UO has teamed up with Igor and Judith, dedicated plant lovers and founders of the #urbanjunglebloggers community, to find out more about their adventure and how they’re planning to style their interiors this winter. They’ve given us two cosy jungle ideas to reproduce at home!

UO: Hi Igor & Judith! Can you tell us a bit about your story? How did The Urban Jungle blog begin?

We started the Urban Jungle Bloggers project in September 2013 when we realised we both really love our houseplants and thought it was time to do something with it and create a blog series. The response from other bloggers and readers was immediate and it grew steadily into the global green community it is today. Consequently, we started to build the community first on social media and then we launched the website and dedicated Urban Jungle blog. Our last project was the launch of our Urban Jungle book – a compendium of green home stories across Europe, plant styling ideas and green DIY projects, as well as 10 houseplant profiles with easy going plant care tips.

UO: What are the different steps when creating a community on social media? How do you make it grow?

At the very beginning we did not even plan to grow this into a community as it was merely thought as a blog series on our own blogs JOELIX.com and Happy Interior Blog After we realized there are more people interested in joining us, we started social media accounts to gather content for and from the community: We started with a Pinterest board and a Facebook page, we added a Twitter account, and at the beginning of 2016 we launched our Instagram account featuring community images with the hashtag #urbanjunglebloggers. Along the way we launched the website www.urbanjunglebloggers.com to share more plant related blog posts and gather all user-generated content from our monthly topics. The entire growth came organically as we did not push any channel in a specific way. This makes us particularly happy as it feels like a thriving, healthy and positive community!

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UO: How do you select your pictures?

When it comes to the community itself we are very inclusive. This was our strategy from the very beginning. We did not want to create an exclusive community where we only share high quality content of advanced bloggers and semi-professional photographers. Everyone is welcome in the community and on our monthly topic boards on Facebook, Pinterest and on our website, we share all user-generated contents and photos. On Instagram, we have to be more selective as we only share two pics per day – so this is quite fun as we both exchange our thoughts and favorite pics and decide which one to share with which caption.

UO: You both seem to like to cosy up your rooms for winter… What are your best tips?

Yes definitely! We love to add textures for a cosy feel at home. Think of various layers of home textiles but also the impact of other surfaces. You should love to touch and feel the objects surrounding you. Add the warm glow and delicate scent of natural candles and surround yourself with your favorite houseplants. The cosy feeling will kick in instantly!

UO: How do you like to include your plants into your home decor?

For us plants have become a sort of natural element in our homes. It is not even thought as a home decor item but rather as a natural part of our homes. Whenever we gather all our houseplants in one spot for a photo shooting we realize how empty the rooms feel without plants. To us plants make a home perfect – they not only look good in interiors, they also enhance the living environment and reconnect us with the nature.

UO: Any exciting project coming for the end of the year?

We are in full preparation for the December topic of Urban Jungle Bloggers entitled “Plants & Light”. We will focus on the warmth of light in the darker season paired with the natural vibe of plants. We are already thinking of our own stylings and will share the community’s creative ideas later this month. We also work on new projects for 2017 to keep the community fun, interesting, helpful and creative for the years to come!

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Find Igor on the blog Happy Interior Blog and on Instagram @igorjosif

Find Judith on the blog JOELIX.com and on Instagram @joelixjoelix