December 13, 2016

German blogger, Nanda Weskott shows us how she stays cosy this winter…

UO: What are your Christmas traditions?

When I was younger, I always went to the cinema with my Dad when all the others went to church to watch the new Harry Potter film. Obviously we haven’t done this for the past few years because the series has finished! On Boxing Day we all meet up at my grandma’s and have Fondue and presents, so I actually celebrate Christmas a day too late.

UO: What’s the best way to spend a lazy weekend in December?

I love to use free time to be creative, but when I just want to chill I love to order food and drink a lot of tea, watch series with my boyfriend or shop for presents online. I also love to go for a walk when it’s very cold, it’s so refreshing and clears your mind from stress. Cooking different soups every weekend is what I also do, haha.

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UO: What is your favourite festive treat?

I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but I love Spekulatius and cinnamon stars.

UO: How do you like to spend time with family over the holidays?

I love it when we all sit together talking, having good and sometimes funny conversations, eating together and watching movies, pretty simple actually.

UO: How do you like to decorate your space for the holidays?

I don’t change it up so much because I don’t have the storage to put the decorations during the year, but I love Christmas lights and candles to make it all cosy, make a simple advent wreath and a pretty advent calendar.

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UO: What items always make it onto your Christmas list?

I now go for useful things, all the things you did not want as a kid like socks, underwear and kitchen stuff.

UO: Are you a prepared shopper or a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas?

Both! For some people I just know what to buy or create and for others I just run and get fancy food stuff a day before Christmas.

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UO: Favourite Christmas decoration?

I like my decorations to be really natural, so not so much glitter and more wood and green and dried plants and of course some simple Christmas lights.

UO: Top tips for gift wrapping?

I always try to use only three different kinds of paper. All of my other wrapping stuff must fit within the colours I’ve chosen, so its easier and faster to pack because everything matches.

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