December 19, 2016

Dreamy London florist, Grace & Thorn are set up on both Brick Lane and the Hackney Road. A green haven full of cute little pots, cacti, ornaments and foliage, we couldn’t get enough. With Christmas Day looming, we dropped by to find out how to make a festive wreath. Over to you, guys…

You will need:

Floristry wire
Pine wreath
Seasonal foliage
Seasonal berries
Decorations – dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks, pine cones, sprayed foliage ( golds and coppers)
Statement piece – feathers, ribbons

Step 1 – Source a pine wreath, alternatively one can be made by wiring short pine branches onto a metal frame.

Step 2 – working in a clockwise direction add your base foliage by pushing the stems into the base of the wreath or in between the branches of pine use foliage such as eucalyptus working around the wreath to create a full circle.

Step 3 – Add points of interest using choice foliage, again inserting stems into the base of the wreath in between the pine us foliage and seasonal berries such as mimosa and seasonal berries such as ilex, viburnum, rosehip, this should feature lightly round the whole wreath.

Step 4 – Wire any decorations that do not have a stem – for example dried orange slices can be wired using floral wire, inserting through the slice, folding over twisting together to create a stem that is able to be inserted.

Step 5 – Insert decorations as per previous steps, work around the wreath grouping each decoration to create pockets of interest – odd numbers work best so keep to groups in threes or fives.

Step 6 – choose a statement piece such as feathers or ribbon, use this element slightly off center to create interesting asymmetry to give your wreath an edge.