January 3, 2017

To celebrate the release of inspirational travel journal, Do Big Small Things, we teamed up with our pals at Feels and G Adventures to send travel bloggers, @jimsandkittys on a 15 day Ganges river cruise through India. We caught up with Tim and Lisa of @jimsandkittys to find out more about their adventures through the colourful country…

15 days, 34 degrees, 30 sunrises and sunsets, over 18 remote villages, 850km on the boat, several rickshaw rides, perceived 200 mosques and temples, Shiva, Ganesha, 330 million gods, Diwali followed by Chathh Puja. Pink, red, yellow and green saris, shiny embroidery, 780 different dialects, tons of local markets, countless bananas and mangos, sticky, dirty air. Cows, goats, chicken and millions of happy smiles. Oh, and Chai! Chai and Darjeeling. Golden brass on the markets that you can’t keep your eyes from…. Namaste India!

6 am, the call to prayer of the muezzin rings out disturbed by fancy Indian music of a fisherman that “sails” next to our boat, the coffee dregs are still laying on our tongues, jet lag had us up all night, the sun starts to rise and we get to see the first glimpse of magical orangey light through the thick layers of mysterious grayish morning fog. Ready for another day on the banks of holy Mother Ganga…

Describe India in three words

Overwhelming, spiritual, chaotic

Favourite memory?

Mornings on the boat seeing the sunrise through the fog on Mother Ganga! Breathtaking. All the smiles from the friendly people all over India. We have never seen so many happy smiles! We were very lucky to be able to celebrate two of the most important Hindu festivals in India – Diwali and Chhath Puja. A magical experience!

Biggest wow moment?

In India every day is packed with “wow-moments” – but one of the biggest wow moments happened every day twice… Sunrise and sunset. It’s just incredible… The light and the colours are mind-blowing.

What are your packing tips for India?

Travel light, as light as you can… Sticky air, heat and chaos make it impossible to carry loads of luggage.

What was the best food you ate on your trip?

Actually, tea! India has the best tea in the world.

If you bought any souvenirs, what was your favourite item you brought back to remember your trip?

Brass. We brought back tons of brass items! We got a couple of golden cups in a tiny village on the banks of Mother Ganga. We bought them from a very, very old man from the door of his house… An incredible “shopping” experience.

What would your top tips be for travelling around India?

Travel light, go local, always ride the rickshaw instead of private cars, bring your iPhone and always act like you know the route otherwise the rickshaw driver might drive you around the block to make some more bucks and you will loose tons of time. In India they never talk in miles always in hours, so even for a small distance it could be a few hours, so we strongly advise to fly if the distance is more than 200km. Last: don’t leave India without a trip to the Taj Mahal and Mother Ganga!