January 16, 2017

German adventurer and photographer, Frauke Hagen heads to the Dolomites, Italy to camp under the stars, hike through the winding roads, visit the lakes and admire the pink-tinged sunsets. Over to you, Frauke…

Sometimes all you really need is a couple days away from home, away from the city lights, away from the people rushing to work and meetings, away from the seagulls waking you up every morning. So that’s what my boyfriend and I did. We packed our things and drove 11 hours to get to the Dolomites. We’ve both never been there before and let’s just say it was pretty perfect.

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You will find some of the most magical mountain ranges here, sheer endless roads and beautiful lakes which are perfect for a quick stop to enjoy some hot tea and a cookie along the way. We were worried that the roads would be closed during December and January, but luckily there hadn’t been any snow in the region yet so most of the hiking trails were still open.

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The best thing about this trip? One day we hiked up to an alpine pasture and found that the little house there was actually a B&B. There was no one there but the owner and his dog, probably because summer was over but snow hadn’t hit the region yet. So we decided to stay there for the night. By far the prettiest sunset and sunrise I got to experience so far. Nothing beats waking up in the morning knowing you have the entire mountain to yourself.

Another thing we found: this giant frozen lake (I mean pretty much all the lakes were frozen solid but this one was special). I’ve never been to Lago di Braies before, but I’ve seen so many pictures that it really urged me to visit. First I was sad about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to visit during summer, because everyone I knew had been during the warm days, taking a boat to paddle around on the lake. But let me tell you that right when I saw this place I was beyond happy that we went during winter. A giant lake, almost no one there but us two, surrounded by trees and breathtaking mountain peaks.

And the best? It was solid frozen so that you could walk on it and even touch the frozen waterfall that provides the lake with water. It was simply epic and I am so grateful I got to experience it. Will be back during summer for sure.