January 26, 2017

Remember the thrill of exchanging Valentines with your grade school classmates? While not an explicit competition, there was always the underlying desire to have the best of the bunch. Even though you’re all grown up now, that doesn’t mean you can’t send a loved one a token of affection.

In honour of our UO Love Stories, where we spotlight real relationships – friends, partners, collaborators, even twin brothers – we’re celebrating love in every sense of the word. And with Prynt it’s pretty simple.

Because the Prynt case serves as an instant photo printer and video recorder, Valentine’s Day can be both show and tell. Allow Sahara and Christian to demonstrate!

First, get a little crafty for your card: cut out some hearts and do some decorating! (Sahara loves stamps.) Then slide your phone into the Prynt case, open the app and take a short video. Once your picture prints out, peel off the adhesive back and stick it on your card. Then the fun part: sit back and watch your Valentine’s face when they play back your video.

Watch the video below to see how Sahara and Christian used Prynt this Valentine’s Day and read more about their UO Love Story here.

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