January 24, 2017

Photo Credits: Rae Tashman – Love From Berlin

Fashion Week is an amazing visual parade and ultimately, the chance to check out all that’s new in the year ahead. We asked Rae Tashman, aka @lovefromberlin to document her experiences at this year’s Berlin Fashion Week. She hit the streets wearing UO to shoot street style and catch what happened on camera. Over to you, Rae…

Last week was a whirlwind of fashion, creativity (the two of which are certainly not mutually exclusive), parties, and new faces – exactly what makes fashion week so tiring but also oh so fun. Aside from discovering what some of my favourite brands have in store for Fall/Winter 2017, I was extremely interested in what was currently happening fashion wise right here, right now, in the heart of Berlin. On Thursday I made it over to the BRIGHT and SEEK trade shows to photograph street fashions. Here are some of my favourite (and what I wore as well).

Me during Berlin Fashion Week.

Shop: Urban Renewal Vintage Remnants High Waisted Check Beige Trousers

Laoni @laonilotthe

Nosi @nobsessed | Adiam @adiamhabtezion

Adiam @adiamhabtezion | Nosi @nobsessed

Stevie | Danny @danny_brown_j5

Danny @danny_brown_j5 | Stevie

Abelia @abeliaho

Sajna @saatmunich

Jessica @onthecoldcoast

Daniele @daggram

Essi @essi_te