January 30, 2017

Brings out the best in you. Builds you up. Respects you. Helps you. Is your soulmate. Your confidante. Your “person.”

This season, UO teamed up with photographer Mayan Toledano on a series of photos and videos capturing real relationships from all over the world, and exploring love in every sense of the word: friendships, collaborators, partners, lovers, siblings. These are the stories of inspiring, boundary-breaking duos that convey what it means to connect and share—what it means to have someone in your corner. Ultimately…life is more meaningful with someone in your corner. These are our UO Love Stories.


Campbell Addy + Georgina Johnson

College friends-turned-collaborators

“I remember thinking to myself, ‘She’s my type of person.”


Can you describe how you met one another?

CA: We met during our foundation year at Ravensbourne College of Art in North Greenwich. I remember I was walking back from lunch and Gina was with a bunch of people and literally called me to come over — no fear, no awkwardness. She was very outgoing. It was intimidating at first but it’s what I’ve come to love about her.

GJ: I saw him walking, talking to some boy. I more or less just jumped in their conversation, walked back with them, and made sure we were friends from then on. He was the only black boy in the class and I was like — we gotta be friends.

What was your first impression of the other?

CA: I thought to myself ‘she’s my type of person.’ I’m a very loud, ‘go-get-em’ kind of person so upon meeting Gina, I was met with the same high energy insanity and it just worked. I loved how much of her own person she was; her independence is alluring.

GJ: He was pretty loud. (Still is). I found him funny, spontaneous, and always up for madness, as was I. It was pretty automatic…I don’t remember there being an awkward stage.


Gabby Richardson + Salem Mitchell

Long-distance BFFs (who met on the Internet)

“I followed her on tumblr for awhile; I always thought she was super cute and funny! Little did I know how much of her sunshine personality would radiate in real life.”


What is your favorite quality about the other?

SM: Gabby is really supportive and it’s really helpful during hard times.

GR: Salem’s positivity! She’s always so good-natured and only wants the best for people.

Describe a time they surprised you.

SM: I was visiting New York for a short time and Gabby picked me up for this exciting museum trip which I really enjoyed.

GR: Salem always surprises me with super sweet messages. My phone always is on the fritz, but I remember Salem sending me a birthday message that was paragraphs long and so heartfelt but I didn’t get it until days later. But it was so sweet and sincere I loved it anyway.

UO LOVE STORIES: INTERVIEW Sahara Lin + Christian Dion

Couple #goals

“She makes me better”


Describe a time they inspired you.

CD: When I first saw her making her art, witnessing the major craftsmanship she puts into her work. She was drawing on her sketch pad and if you know Sahara you know she’s nothing but pure talent. With a girl like Sahara you honestly have to watch and learn.

SL: Chris’s work ethic always inspires me.

Describe a time they gave you advice.

CD: Sahara has given me advice on remaining focused, staying away from distractions — making me better at what I do.

SL: Chis gives me advice every fuckin’ day! But it’s always helpful. He always tells me to stay on top of my shit and I do more now than I did before.


Gia Garison + Ang Rand

An opposites-attract friendship/roommate story

“Her advice is always to do the thing I’m scared of doing.”


What is your favorite quality about the other?

GG: They are the chill to my fast-paced life. I am a party person and they are my complimentary balance of staying at home and taking it easy.

AR: She really doesn’t care what other people think of her. I know that’s kind of corny to say but like, yeah, sometimes people will criticize her or harass her or whatever and that never stops her from wearing exactly what she wants to wear or doing exactly what she wants to do. I think I sometimes care too much about those kinds of things so I feel energized getting to see her do her thing.

What does being close to someone whose personality is very different teach you about yourself?

GG: With Ang being the more low-key of us two, I can always find solace in their relaxed ways. Their personality reminds me that I should take time to do sit down and enjoy the simple, more easygoing things in life.

AR: It teaches me to value the parts of my personality that differ from hers; it’s easy to see how we balance each other out, and how we can give each other things that don’t naturally occur in ourselves.


Wyatt + Fletcher Shears

Twin brothers and creative partners in conceptual punk band ‘The Garden’

“When it all boils down, we always have each other to go back to.”


Can you share more about how you started creating music together?

WS: I had the urge to see if I could actually do it at a young age. I’ve never been a great student at anything, so self confidence and self teaching is sort of the way I went. We started playing together because we didn’t know anyone else who played at the time.

FS: Yeah, around the time we started The Garden, everything was just falling into its own place. So, naturally it gave us room to do this, and an opportunity. We had been playing to together for years before that, but never just us two.

What is your favorite quality about the other?

WS: Fletcher’s “piss off-ness”— if you can’t think of a comeback to say to someone, he might say something quickly.

FS: Haha, I can’t believe that’s his favorite. I’d have to say, his drive to keep moving forward, growing, and progressing not only as an artist but, as a person too. I think that’s a constant goal of ours

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