January 30, 2017

Photo credits: @Gerard_Moral

Barcelona-based photographer and adventurer, Claudia Böge headed out on a road trip to capture snowy mountaintops and golden sunsets at Port Aine. Over to you, Claudia…

Thursday mornings are normally good since they are close to the weekend. But this one was somehow different. I woke up wondering how my day would end. We knew the snow would start falling that weekend outside Barcelona. So we decided to pack a little bag, grab a camera and take our 4×4.

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On the way up to Port Aine, we couldn’t avoid stopping when we saw an old man taking care of his beautiful working horses. They all had a huge bell around their neck so they wouldn’t end up lost in a snow storm. You could tell how happy that man was alone with nature and the horses…he helped us continue our trip up the mountain.

The higher we drove up, the more beautiful the landscapes got. They looked like they had been painted with a little tiny brush. When we finally arrived, Gerard found a little wood house and we decided to have some lunch. Afterwards, we decided to look for magic locations to shoot some nice pictures.

Time flies, and like that our day passed on so quickly. Finally we decided to watch the sunset on top of our car above an amazing valley covered by fresh snow.

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