January 31, 2017

We catch up with Isabella Thordsen to find out how she creates the perfect cosy set-up at home. From walking her dog Pumpkin in the woods, to running down by the harbour and buying lots of blankets, she creates the ultimate hygge atmosphere.

UO: Can you tell us a little about your personal home aesthetic? How would you describe your style?

My boyfriend and I both love vintage and second hand hunting. We like to collect items from everywhere we go: markets, trips, thrift shops etc. For us, what makes our home unique is that it doesn’t look like any others. My man is Polish so we like to collect Polish vintage posters. We met each other while we both lived in London, so we have a lot of items from there, and items we have collected together now here in Denmark. It gives our home lots of history, and when we look at the different items it brings a story to our mind and smile on our face. We don’t have a particular style, I think we just mix whatever we like and make it look good together. But we tend to go for items with an edge. We collect lots of vintage and then cosy them up with pillows, blankets, candles, lots of plants and flowers and then my man’s big vinyl collection always brings such a homey atmosphere.

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UO: How do you like to spend a lazy Sunday at home?

On a lazy Sunday I like to wake up around 8-9am, that’s for me like sleeping in. I wake up Pumpkin our dog and let her into our bed and I snuggle with her and my man until they decide it’s time to get up. Then late breakfat is the best on Sundays right? We normally do runny eggs with a baguette, fruit and tea on the weekends. We go for long walks in the woods with Pumpkin, we read books, often we invite friends and family over for dinner and end up having a few cocktails and my man plays some good music. In the evening we like to chill with loungewear, a good movie and cosy blankets.

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UO: What is your favourite way to relax?

When I need to relax I go for a run by the harbor. I take a long hot shower and snuggle up on the sofa or in bed with my comfy loungewear, big cup of tea and a hair mask. I like to do my nails and then I’ve just got a mindfulness drawing book from my mum, which is my new favourite thing when I need to rest my mind.

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UO: How do you like to cosy up your room for the winter?

In the winter time it is all about the now very popular Danish word “hygge”. Basically I am all year round in on “hygge”. It’s like a cosy feeling. I like to add more candles, lots of pillows and blankets. I love to snuggle with tons of blankets in the winter! For me the lighting is very important, it can’t be too bright – it has to be a warm and soft light. Then I also tend to style my room in more dark colours – I just think that suits this time of year!

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UO: Do you have any exciting projects coming up this year?

I have a very exciting trip coming up to India. I am going there for two weeks with my mom on a Yoga and mindfulness retreat. It’s my first time having to go on an intensive “find yourself” trip, so I am very excited to experience it. Then I am launching my own jewelry collection and currently working on my own vintage interior web shop with my man! Which we are hoping or launch in a month or two. So I have to say it’s going to be a very busy and exciting year in 2017.

I’m currently listening to…

At the moment I am listening to a lot to disco, reggae and country music. I have a big love for Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, Nina Simone, The Beach Boys and I could go on for ages.

I’m reading…

I am actually reading two books at the moment. One very romantic one called “Me before you” by JoJo Moyes and then I just started the autobiography of Nelson Mandela “Long walk to freedom”. I like to switch in between these two depending on what mood I am in.

My favourite weekend breakfast is…

My man is a very talented chef, so I have to admit I am one lucky girl when it comes to food. He always cooks me the most yummy dishes! On the weekends for breakfast we typically have something with eggs. My man is a big fan of the English Breakfast, so if I want to be the best girlfriend I surprise him with a big portion of comfy English Breakfast. Perfect for the weekend, because then you can go straight to the sofa and pass out in a food coma.

My favourite way to de-stress is…

Going for long walks with Pumpkin. There is nothing I love more than leaving my phone at home and going to my favourite coffee shop, having my regular latte with vanilla syrup on the go, and then going to the harbour or park with the little chubby one! For me that’s the perfect way to de-stress. Fresh air, a cute puppy and my favourite coffee!

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