February 17, 2017

Off Bloom are the latest talent to emerge from Scandinavia’s blooming electronic scene. The electronic-pop trio have released their follow up to last year’s ‘Love to Hate’ with a synth drenched track called ‘Falcon Eye’. The distorted tune has distinct eastern influences, reminiscent of MØ and Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’. We caught up with Mads, Alex and Mette about finding inspiration from your friends, the beers and tears that went into their debut EP and what it was like to take off to a remote location to film their music video for ‘Love to Hate It’.

UO: Was it always your plan to get involved in music, or is it something that happened quite naturally for you?

It was always a passion but we all tried to do different things. Mads studied Literature, Alex Philosophy and Mette was working as an actress before we started doing this.

UO: How do you think that living and making music in Copenhagen has shaped you, your influences and your sound?

I don’t know if Copenhagen as a city has. But the people and the music scene definitely has. Our friends and family mean a lot to us because our music is so closely connected to who we are. Inspiration can come from a good conversation with a friend about our feelings or views on things as often as it comes from other music or art. With that said we are so lucky that some of our best friends also make some of the most new-sounding music we know of. Vera, Vasco, Goss, School of X, Liss, Soleima etc.

UO: What are your thoughts on the nature of the music scene in Denmark right now? There seems to be an influx of exciting new artists, including yourselves!

Well, luckily for us we are part of a large group of friends who happen to have chosen a similar sort of path and therefore have had a lot of of influence on each other’s development as human beings and artists. We all started to feel ready to release some of the stuff we’ve been working on recently.

UO: We love the DIY feel of your video for Love To Hate It. You drove outside Copenhagen to film at a house with friends. Can you tell us about the experiences you had filming it?

Our friends are the only reason we are here. Not only our music friends, but actors, historians, economists etc. The journey we are on – all of us together – feels just as exciting from a non music point of view. There are so many things going on in the world right now. And we are responding creatively with music and artwork and lyrics that are inspired by the conversations we have with our friends, who respond in a more academic way. We are all here to learn from each other. So that we can understand each other better. We therefore felt it was natural to go somewhere together to have fun and chill while making the video. Together with the director, Nadia Marquard Otzen, we tried to create a format and vibe in the video that scraped off all the layers that you usually add on in a music video and just showed who we are. Because we are seriously tired of being part of a culture where we are scared of each other and constantly afraid of what people think – we can be angry and ugly and stupid and childish, but we can also be fucking geniuses. And we think that’s cool. We are what we are and that’s loads stronger than trying to be something else. Cliché, but true. We will always make videos with that direction I think – the video for our next single, ‘Falcon Eye’, was filmed in Morocco – so we couldn’t bring all our friends this time, but it has the same philosophy as the previous one, just with more focus on the three of us.

UO: What is the role of visual art in your work? Will you continue with the analogue, DIY aesthetic, rather than a clean or commercial look?

We will do what makes sense at the time and let it be as true to where we are as possible. We don’t wanna do fake DIY stuff, but it was a natural and honest first look because that was where we came from. We are not in love with or feel especially connected to the DIY aesthetic. We just wanna be brutally honest to the energy that surrounds us.

UO: You released your debut EP, Love to Hate It in 2016 – how long had you been working on it? Can you tell us a little about what went into it making it?

3 years, a lot of beers and a lot of tears, and maybe two hundred other songs. Our thing is to work our arses off. Working in the studio from 11am to midnight everyday. And when we’re not making music, we’re constantly listening to music, with no genre specifications.

UO: Can you tell us any details on plans for a full length debut album?

Well our new single, ‘Falcon Eye’, is coming out on Friday (the 17th) and all we know is that we have a shitload of sick songs to give to the world over the next couple of months and then we’ll see what happens.

UO: What other Danish artists are you excited about right now?

Vera and Vasco (both just about to release insanely amazing stuff) and all the others mentioned above.

Off Blooms latest single, Falcon Eye is out now. Listen to it below!