March 14, 2017

Menswear blogger, Ashley Morrison styles up our vintage one of a kind sportswear. Keeping in line with his simple and clean aesthetic, Ashley mixes up different eras to create three new looks for us. By blending eras, finishes, styles and fabrics with modern style statements and simpler pieces, he creates an innovative aesthetic and shows off the timelessness that vintage can have.< /em>

“I’d say I’d kept each look quite old school and classical looking. I partnered each look with simple statement pieces like the overcoat, Old Skool Vans, cropped straight leg denim and some vintage joggers. Pretty simple and clean but statement pieces for my aesthetic. I’d say mixing clothing from different years definitely works, as long as you’re not too wild with it. But hey, wild works sometimes I guess.

Each of the looks are completely different, but adding the different classics made it all fit well together and kept it nice and simple. I tried to make each look more interesting by adding some accessories like the beanie, or a cool print such as the Kappa joggers. Textures too (like the denim Converse), I always play with textures when I can.”