March 1, 2017
UO STYLE: @mklyns

Chester based blogger, @mklyns talks us through his minimalist aesthetic, his fondness for Parisian style and the importance of finding the right fit.

Can you tell us a little about your personal style?

I’m driven towards clean and simple pieces that are made to last. I’m a fan of the Parisian style and I’m always checking out Japanese bloggers as they seem to get it right all the time! I also try to stick to basic colourways as they make putting outfits together way easier.

How would you describe your aesthetic in three words?

Clean, comfy and simple.

UO STYLE: @mklyns

UO STYLE: @mklyns

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What is an essential item in your wardrobe?

Crisp white t-shirts are always a staple piece.

What kind of materials and textures do you look for in your clothing?

Materials that hold their shape well are a must, there’s nothing worse than an item fitting well at first and after three washes it becomes a completely different shape. Soft cotton t-shirts, thick knitted jumpers and finding trousers that fit just right are some favourites.

Your home seems to adhere to a minimal aesthetic. What is it about minimalism that you love?

The general look and feel of minimalist spaces have always adhered to me, they appear fresh and make a room seem bigger. I can’t stand clutter and unnecessary things in a room so try to avoid buying things that won’t have a positive impact on myself or my home.

UO STYLE: @mklyns

UO STYLE: @mklyns

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How do you like to spend a lazy Sunday at home?

Sundays always start with coffee, I usually get beans from the guys over at Bold Street coffee as they have some great roasts available. Alongside coffee is normally either pancakes or some sort of bacon/avo combination. The rest of my Sunday usually involves sorting through emails, reading the latest magazine pickup’s, maybe a few photos and catching up on whatever series I’m watching!

What is your favourite thing about your home?

I live in a fairly old cottage which has some exposed wooden floors, they were one of the main reasons I bought the house!

UO STYLE: @mklyns

UO STYLE: @mklyns

UO STYLE: @mklyns

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My favourite weekend breakfast is…

Bacon, avocado, poached eggs with some chilli and parmesan thrown in for good measure.

My favourite way to de-stress is…

The gym is definitely my number one for destressing.

I’m currently reading…

A book called ‘Think like a freak’ – it presents different ways to think about and approach situations you wouldn’t usually think twice about, ultimately to help you make better decisions.

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