July 20, 2012

We love you cocktails, we do, we love you cocktails, we do, we love you cocktails, we do, oh cocktails we love you. We trawled the internet for literally minutes to source one girly one and one manly one – now we just need you to make them and tell us in the comments which is better. It’s battle of the cocktails and it’s serious business.

Enjoy them responsibly but make sure you enjoy the heck out of them.

Watermelon Mojito (the girly one)


12 mint leaves

2 shots white rum

3/4 shot fresh lime juice

1/4 shot gomme syrup

Watermelon chunks (about the size of your fist)

Ice cubes


Take one glass or cocktail shaker and add your rum and mint. Don’t drink it yet! Muddle together (just bash the leaves up a bit) and add the syrup and lime juice. Add your ice cubes and stir or shake. Take our advice and don’t shake it if you’re using a glass. De-seed the watermelon and stick it in a blender with about six ice cubes. Put the lid on the blender (very important – we’re talking from experience) and pulse it until you have a slushy consistency. Pour the rum and mint mixture into a glass, then add the melon slush and stir. Drink with your little finger out, like a lady.



Ingredients 50ml Abelha Cachaça Silver or Abelha Cachaça Gold

1/2 a Lime

2 heaped teaspoons castor sugar

Ice Tumbler

Directions Quarter your limes then cut into these so the juice starts coming out. Put half-a-limes-worth into a glass then add the sugar and squash it all up a bit. Wrap your ice cubes in a towel (this bit is fun) and bash it against the floor for a bit. When you open it up your ice should be all broken into bits. Put this in your glass. Add the Cachaça and give it a good whisk up. Top up your glass with more ice and stick a straw in it. Drink it scratching your bum and talking about boobs.