March 20, 2017

March is music month for UO. From interviews and live performances, to panel discussions and more, we’re celebrating all month long. We catch up with alt-pop trio, Shamu on their first ever gigs, the upcoming release of their single, Where To Land and playing Evolution Emerging in May.

UO: Has music always been a part of your life?

J: I can’t help but think about dancing around the living room to my Mam’s Take That CDs when I was a kid. My dad balanced that out a little bit by taking me to see Iron Maiden – that was my first ever gig.

S: I remember my Dad would take me to loads of gigs as a kid – My first gig was Craig David, probably my sister’s choice, and probably the best gig that’s ever happened before ever in the world, but I was about 6 so I can’t remember. Once I was a little older, maybe 12 or 13 we started going to some proper gigs, Queens of the Stone Age, Korn, Maiden, to name but a few, from then I think all I wanted to do was be in a band!

UO: How would you best describe your genre of music?

J: I’d say we’re an alt-pop band but I’m not even sure I know what that means. When you’re so involved in the creative process it’s kind of hard to listen back to your songs and enjoy them for what they are. It’s completely deconstructed in my head.

UO: How did you all meet and why did you decide to form a band together?

J: I met Sam on Gumtree about 5 years ago when an old band I was in was looking for a new drummer. I posted an ad on there and he got in touch saying he was moving from Preston to Newcastle for Uni. He was in that band before we even met him in person. Weird.

Will and I met when I was studying art with his other half at uni. She said her boyfriend was really in to effects pedals and stuff, and it went from there. Shamu started as just me and Sam, but when we got offered our first show it seemed natural to get Will involved and we have never looked back.

UO: We’ve heard there might be a new single release called ‘Where to land’ what can we expect to hear from this single?

J: You’ve heard right! Where To Land is the first single we’ve recorded as a three piece. It’s got massive drums and lush synths and a big chorus. We don’t want to give too much away, but we can’t wait for people to hear it.

UO: You recently had your first headline show at The Tyne Bar. How was this experience for you as a band?

S: We love The Tyne Bar, so it was cool to have our first headline show there. Loads of people came, the atmosphere was great and the line-up was on-point so we loved every minute of it.

J: It was a really energetic performance too, we nailed it.

UO: Are you excited to perform at Evolution Emerging alongside some local Newcastle upon Tyne talent?

S: Very! It’s really cool to be playing these kind of shows, it’s such a good festival that we have all enjoyed as spectators, so it’s going to be a good feeling finally playing it.

UO: Which bands are the main inspirations behind the sound and style of Shamu?

S: We all have a really broad taste in music and we are constantly pushing new bands we are into on each other, and I think that comes across in our sound.

J: Yeah we all like lots of different things – jazz, post-rock, electronic stuff, pop. Take That, Iron Maiden. It’s hard to single out bands that shape our sound but we’ve been compared to Wild Beasts and Minus The Bear a few times.

UO: What other Newcastle upon Tyne artists are you excited about right now?

S: We went to the Cauls album launch together earlier in the month and as usual, were blown away.

J: We’re really digging Sagaboi as well – watch out for him!

UO: What can we look forward to next for Shamu?

J: Well you’re not going to want to miss our Evolution Emerging slot – it’s going to be special. We’re hoping to go out on tour to promote Where To Land as well.

S: We also have a number of juicy releases coming out throughout the year to wrap your earholes around so, keep your peepers peeled and watch this space.