October 25, 2012

How did you tumble into the world of visual art?
The world of visual art is like a very large hole. I was standing on the edge of it one day and I lost my footing a fell in and there I have remained to this very day. Were it not for this unfortunate event I might have ended up being something useful like being a dentist.

Do you ever doodle on things you’re not supposed to?
I once did drawings on my exam certificates when I was at school. My mother was furious at the time. But nobody has ever asked to see them.

Is it easier to draw a dog or a horse?
It’s easier to draw a dog. But less satisfying.

Where’s your favourite city?

I left Leicester in 1988 and have lived in Glasgow ever since. Glasgow is the city I love the most as it is my home, but Stockholm is a pretty nice place.

What is the best thing about Glasgow?
The pure gallusness of it (that’s Glaswegian, by the way).

Can you recommend your best eateries and watering holes in Glasgow?
My pal Steph makes the best cakes in Scotland at Cottonrake on Hyndland Street. Mono might not be the best bar but it’s the one I feel most at home in.

How could someone start a career in illustration?
Work hard and enjoy what you do. If keep at it you will have some success.

You have a new book out – what’s it about?
It’s a self-help book. But it’s written from the point of view of someone who is in need of self-help themselves and is in no way qualified to give mental health advice.

What are your ultimate pizza toppings?
Spinach and goats cheese.

What do you wear when you draw?

Usually something that I don’t mind getting ink on.

What do you do when you’re not drawing/painting?
Answer e-mails.

Do you have a thinking cap?
I used to. But I lost it when I was on a rollercoaster. (This is a metaphor.)

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Married with dog.

We’ve heard you have a spoken word album – is the music scene your next venture?
I’ve actually made quite a bit of spoken word stuff over the years. The album was released in 2006 so it’s high time I got it together to do the follow up.

Do you have a nickname?
Le Shrig.

What’s next?
Predictably, I am working on some new drawings.

What do you doodle when no one’s looking?
Not telling.