April 19, 2017

Vegan blogger, Miia Matala-Aho shares her thoughts on embracing a more conscious lifestyle. From consuming less meat and dairy to going reusable, shopping locally and choosing natural beauty products, she is taking steps to reduce her impact on the planet. She shares with us her top tips on how to live a more conscious and considered life. Over to you, Miia…

Eating Vegan

Veganism is above all an ethical choice for me, but the environmental benefits are not to be overlooked either. Livestock produces as much greenhouse gas emissions as all trucks, cars and other automobiles combined. In other words, not eating animal products is as big of a help as walking or cycling instead of using your own car. A plant-based diet also gives you more energy and is good for both your body and your soul.

Buying secondhand

One of my favourite things to do on weekends is stroll around secondhand shops and thrift stores. Buying used things is not only eco-friendly, it’s also cheap. I also love the fact that thrift shopping enables me to find really cool and unique things that I can guarantee no one else has!

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Reducing my consumption of fast fashion

Instead of buying a new top for every occasion, I try to mix up the clothes that I already have to create new looks. I try to invest in clothes that I know I will wear for more than one season. That way I can make sure not to make impulse purchases that only end up thrown away a little while later. Also, by choosing where I get my clothes from, I can opt for supporting brands that take the ethical and environmental aspects of fashion into consideration and for example, don’t exploit their workers.

Choosing organic and local

As a student I know that not everyone can afford to buy organic all the time (I don’t either) but I firmly believe that every small step counts. I like to buy organic whenever I have the chance and also support things that are local and not transported from the other side of the world. I love my bananas and mangoes, but the staples of my diet such as oats, potatoes, tomatoes, berries etc. are usually Finnish and local to me.

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Using natural beauty products

Did you know that many cheap and market bought beauty products such as facial cleansers and scrubs often contain microbeads that end up from your sink to polluting our seas and oceans? Instead of buying plastic, I choose to buy natural products or make my own scrubs and cleansers by using sugar, sea salt or coconut oil.