November 6, 2012

Ivan Ogilvie made our winter catalogue films and traipsed around London with us while we interviewed model and Urban boy, Olle – you can see some of his pics below. Not content with that, we pinned him down and asked him questions. This is what happened…

Ivan, what’s your job?
Luckily my job changes all the time, but primarily I’m a director. I make music videos and other bits of digital content.

Do you love it?
Yeah I do. I love how varied it is and it’s very satisfying when people like the projects that you put a lot of effort in to, although I hate trying to find the work.

What do you do in your spare time?
Try and find work… I love to travel and try and get away for a couple of months a year. Luckily my job allows me to. When in London I play a lot of football and take a lot of photographs. And eat.

Where’s home?
Kentish Town. I love it. I know everyone on my street as I’ve lived here my whole life and that’s rare in London.

Have you ever broken the law?
A few times. Check my recent book Eye In The Sky with my collective ATG. We may have broken the law making it…

How did you wind up working with Urban?
I got lucky.

What was the best thing about the shoot?
The set, the models, and the food.

And the worst?
Still finding fake snow in my equipment bag.

If you could film one thing in the world, what would it be?
Too many. I really want to make a film for a band called Wall, they released a song called Magazine recently, which I love. Wu-Tang’s next video would be fun. I plan to be out in Brazil for the 2014 world cup, working in some capacity. Not quite sure how yet.

What’s the best thing you’ve ever shot?
I’ve been really lucky this year I was in Nepal to shoot a doc for a charity called the Mountain Trust. They run an amazing project called Radio guru, which broadcasts educational programs over FM radio. In a mountainous country like Nepal you wouldn’t believe how effective that can be. The film will be out soon.

Tell us more about your book…
The book is a culmination of a year and a half’s work by me and my collective ATG. We put a lot in to it and were rewarded with a really successful exhibition. We wanted to spread positivity in this doom and gloom climate. Coming from a graffiti background, we decided to use the roofs of estate blocks as our canvas and reference London’s ridiculous levels of surveillance by incorporating the eye symbol in to the images. We painted big slogans across the rooftops that served as a bit of a reminder that the financial climate isn’t the only thing that defines us.

What’s next on the cards for you?
I’m planning on a trip from New York down to New Orleans through the American South. I’ve always wanted to do it, and document the people and places I get to. I’d like to get a band involved and create some kind of long form video using their music.

What’s the best thing about Christmas?
Me and mum polished two bottles of champers before Breakfast last year. I enjoyed that.

And what’s on your Christmas list?
A cheap flat in Kentish Town…

Have you been good this year?

Tell us a joke…
We sold RVP to United… What a joke!