November 8, 2012

After sampling a plethora of pop up/no reservation/ street food burger joints and deciding queuing for 45 minutes is overrated, we decided to spend our buck in a good old ‘no hype’ burger restaurant, namely Red Dog on Hoxton Square.

You can tell this one is different from the rest, the clientle is considerably more young, professional and less hipster than the likes of Meat Liquor etc, and it markets itself as an American BBQ joint. But after reading the menu and seeing burgers such as ‘The Devastator’ (boasting 6 slices of bacon AND cheese) we were expecting an adequate patty. We started with the wing selection – 12 wings in three flavours with a blue cheese dipping sauce – something we have discovered is a cheesy must when hot wings are involved. The wings were good enough to stand up with the bodeans of the world, plus this place does a ‘hot wing challenge’ which alone would tempt a second trip.

For main we had the Bar-B-Q burger – with applewood smoked bacon, American cheese and onion rings, sounds ideal. However when it arrived, we realized things were about to get messy. This burger was the height of a small cow and picking this beast up was more of a challenge than getting it in our gobs. The burger lasted two lifts before the bun – (basic white, no brioche here), collapsed in a wet doughy mess in our hands. A small dent was made before we had to resort to cutlery (blasphemy) to maim the rest of this beefy beast.

Despite the knife and fork saga, we’d go back to work our way through certain dishes on the menu – Mac n cheese with Bacon and burnt ends pie? Gimmie!

Burger rating: 5/10

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