July 21, 2017

photo by alexandra lazutina

With only a few days left until our Urban Outfitters Vienna store opening, we chatted with the guy whose set will make you dance all night long: DJ Wolfram. He told us about his background and dreams, discussing his passion for electronic music and favourite spots around the city.

How did you get into DJing?

On Christmas 97. My Dad was playing old Christmas vinyl while embracing my Mum. My brother and I were standing next to the record player and in order to impress him, I tried scratching. My Dad freaked out and smacked me in the face for ruining that romantic moment. Long story short, he felt bad and got me turntables for my birthday four months later…

What was the first record you bought?

I think it was the album All or Nothing by Milli Vanilli in 1988.

How would you describe your sound?

Sometimes tasteless but always emotional. My beats are constantly inspired by the last 40 years of electronic music which I think carries certain feelings.


photo by Hanna Putz

How would you say your career has developed since you started?

It’s hard to tell. I travel more now, and I have more music coming out. Though, back then everything was more exciting for me; I released a 12-inch vinyl on a small label called “Creme Organization” 10 years ago and I was so excited about it! Now it’s just not the same feeling anymore. Same goes with traveling and playing in different countries. It’s still nice but not as special as it used to be.

What’s it like working with Permanent Vacation, DFA and Gomma?

Great! I mean, I used to run my own label – Diskokaine – and had a lot of fun with it but releasing my own album with Permanent Vacation was amazing because they’re really nice and very professional guys. Same goes with DFA and Gomma.

What’s your biggest achievement to date?

I don’t really know. I’m just happy to be able to travel and to have had the opportunity to work with talented musicians like Legowelt, Haddaway, Moby, DJ Funk, Hercules&Love affair, Paul Parker, Sally Shapiro, Princess Superstar, Holy Ghost!, Marcus Mixx… Just to name a few. 

I think playing at Grace Jones’ birthday party is also worth mentioning… She danced fully naked in front of me. I guess that was nice too.


photo by Simon Riegler


photo by M.o.o.n

What’s the music scene in Vienna like?

Vienna has great music scene! Sadly, it’s mostly known for its classical music like Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss… It’s a shame.

What are your favourite places in Vienna?

I would say the Vietnamese restaurant Vietthao on the Karlsplatz and the Naschmarkt, it’s an iconic market but I still love it there.

What’s your live set like? Do you know beforehand what tracks you’ll play or do you prefer to go with the vibe of the crowd?

It really depends. When I released my album, I only played a handful of live gigs. They were mostly a small setup with just one synth and a laptop. Sometimes, my friend and producer Patrick Pulsinger came with me and brought lots of gear. One time, I even had Kim Ann Foxman singing live in NYC. It’s never the same! Now, I mostly just DJ – I never know what I’m gonna play beforehand. The previous set’s last song usually determines what vibe I’ll go for. And I just improvise for then on.


photo by Lukas Gansterer

What have you got coming up for the rest of 2017?

I just finished a remix for “Fischerspooner” yesterday. They’re releasing a new album in October and it’s co-produced by Michael Stipe (R.E.M.) which I’m really excited about. There is also something else coming but I can’t talk about it yet!

Catch DJ Wolfram at our Vienna opening party on 27.07.17 5-9pm Mariahilferstrasse38