July 31, 2017

When it comes to breaking boundaries, no one does it better than Berlin native and DJ mobilegirl. Both as part of the European collective STAYCORE and through her own work, she takes club music to the next level with her innovative sound and production that balances techno and R&B. To celebrate her performance at our Urban Outfitters Vienna store opening, we spoke to mobilegirl about her music, life as a DJ and the STAYCORE collective…

Where did the name mobilegirl come from?

When I started out, I hadn’t imagined I would pursue a career in music so I felt quite nonchalant about the choice of my artist name. I only needed to come up with one to create a Soundcloud. So there is this sticker on Facebook called Mobile Girl MiM which is a little girl who has this bob cut with a fringe that just reminded me of myself when I was a toddler.

What got you into music and DJing?

I don’t have an extensive musical background. I learned to play the Xylophone in elementary school but that’s about it, haha. A point in my life where it became more relevant though was when I started building confidence through dancing and until today I still prefer a more intuitive and physical approach to music. Over time I just occupied myself with club music more and more and made friends who had similar taste and happen to be DJs. Through them I started trying out making music and DJing myself. Before that I did not have the feeling I could find a place in the music industry but my friends were very supportive.

How would you describe your sound?

It’s hard, I finally find myself at a point where I came to peace with having quite a dichotomy between my producer self and my DJ self. I realised that I need to create music that matches my surroundings or rather how I want to feel or think the listener would want to feel in those. So when I DJ I play really dance-y stuff up to a point where it can get really heavy and intense whereas most of my productions are more calm and mellow.

I think I’m known for being rather eclectic in general because I could definitely not to stick to one genre for longer than 15 minutes for instance. In short, I’d say my sound is anything between danceable and drowsy.


How did you get involved with the STAYCORE collective?

Tove (Toxe) and I were actually talking about this yesterday. I found the first Staycore mix on Soundcloud and remember saying to my friend that this is the kind of music I really want to be more engaged in. I commented asking for a specific track and it turned out to be one of Dinamarca’s tracks from his debut EP on Staycore. I had two tracks on my own profile at that time which seemed enough for them to reach out to me for a potential release. We got in touch with each other quite fast, maybe like a month after I found out about them. Shout out to them for enduring my flaky ass by the way.

How would you say your career has developed since you started?

I’m being titled an influencer now… but that aside I had moments where I felt like it’s moving almost too fast. I never had this early phase where I felt comfortable just exploring things free of judgement. I basically found a label and collective after making one track and one bootleg and practiced DJing during actual bookings. I’ve gained a lot of confidence about DJing but I think now is the time to focus more on the production side.

Can you tell us anything about the unreleased tracks you’ll be performing?

They illustrate my journey of my relationship to music over the past two years. At some point I felt very agitated about the picture my released productions paint and started making music that I found very soothing. It’s mostly a narrative of discomfort and the remedy therefore.

What’s your live set like? Do you know beforehand what tracks you’ll play or do you prefer to go with the vibe of the crowd?

I will play with four CDJs and will use them as Samplers. My controller died on me so I have to go that route but I’m really curious about that method. I will want to follow a thread way more than I do with playing a regular DJ set which I’m super flexible and adaptive with but with my live Set I want to create a story arc.

What have you got coming up for the rest of 2017?

I will finally release my debut EP after long indecisiveness and have some vague plans about touring and other projects that I need to shush about for now…