November 9, 2017

The New County Brown Faux Fur Overcoat

We find out more about expressive and individualistic menswear brand The New County…

What was the starting point of The New County?

The starting point of the brand was to develop a menswear brand which was ready to explore new areas.

How would you describe The New County’s design aesthetic and overall vibe?

A travelling male inspired by culture and fabrications.


The New County Brown Faux Fur Bomber Jacket

What kind of customer does the brand attract and why do you think that is?

It has a very wide European following. For New County it’s more of a flamboyant consumer who wants to wear key pieces and it’s worn a lot by girls. We feel the reason behind this is that New County is quite diverse in colour, fabrics and textures. Plus it feels luxurious – this is key to the brand.

How would you describe the ethos of The New County?

The travelling man who is not afraid of expressing his style through colours and fabrications.


The New County Navy and Ecru Patchwork Faux Fur Bomber Jacket

What does a typical day at The New County look like?

Every day is quite different depending on what time of the year it is, so it’s normally lots of debate, testing fabric and visiting mills. Also colour matching, looking at trims and liaising with photographers, stylists, models… We like to work with our retail partners so we can react quickly to any feedback they have.

What does the brand look to for inspiration?

Travelling is our biggest inspiration. The design team sources vintage markets across the globe- from Asia to Africa to Paris and so on.


The New County Blue Yellow and Black Oversized Puffer Jacket

What’s the brand’s design process like?

We initially start with silhouettes and work our way from there. We tend to stick to classic shapes that most men can wear. Occasionally we might flip it with a poncho for example, but generally we have key shapes, plus we have recently introduced accessories which are pretty cool!!

How do you approach piecing together a collection?

At the beginning of a season it could be anything for a starting point- may be a record, a colour, a movie, lyrics… From this base we work around adding the colours and shapes.


The New County Yellow Oversized Puffer Jacket

What sort of materials and textiles do you like to work with most and why?

Well, faux fur is major for us, but also nylon, heavy cottons and wax. Anything which works well for outerwear.

What is the relationship between form and function when designing products? Function is really important so we have various fit sessions throughout the season. There’s no point to having garments that are super fly but cannot be worn.

What can we expect from The New County in the future?

New silhouettes and eventually knitwear which we are really excited about.


The New County Black Teddy High Neck 1/4 Zip Jacket